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Robert Freid

President and Founder
Contract Manufacturing Consultants, Inc.
Robert Fried helps leading electronics OEM's develop world-class sourcing strategies for PCBA, cables, precision metals, plastics, modules and complete end-products. Other service areas are supplier risk assessment, comprehensive outsource ...

Robert Freid has submitted responses to the following questions.
What Is Causing Slanted Pins After Reflow
It sounds like the thin PCB is bowing slightly during reflow. Have them check to see if the pins bowing ...
Tough Hand Soldering Problem
If they can determine the metals to be soldered, the diameter of the wire to solder and the type of ...
Dam & Fill vs. Conformal Coating
Yes the Dam & fill provides mechanical support to ensure proper acceptable fillets. Conformal coating is use as moisture resistant ...
Through Hole Connector Solder Joint Hole Fill
For class III solder fillet in the past use people to inspect joints using magnifying lights or microscope. Today CM's ...