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Tim Kardish
APS Novastar
Tim Kardish is a technology business leader with 26+ years experience in the PCB, SMT and AOI assembly equipment industry. Tim is the CEO and a member of the Board of Directors at APS Novastar, LLC. He is a member of IPC and SMTA.

Tim Kardish has submitted responses to the following questions.
Components Lifting During Wave Soldering
Aside from component clinching we offer the following suggestions: For components of varied thermal demand increase solder immersion time For ...
Source of Wave Solder Bridging
Bridging during a wave soldering process can be attributed to a combination of factors. Since consistent and effective thru-hole component ...
Best Way to Eliminate Dross?
There are several processes to reduce dross contamination from a tin/lead solder pot. Dross is formed when molten solder on ...