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Steve Pollock

Vice President
Essemtec USA
Steven Pollock has worked in the industry for OEMs, and large CMs before moving to application Sales. Pollock has been working in SMT industry for nearly 20 years.

Steve Pollock has submitted responses to the following questions.
Manual or Automated Assembly?
I would recommend a small prototype line. ...
Education Level Prior to IPC Certification
That would be a good test, but some people just have a knack for soldering. ...
Lead Free Reflow Oven Zone Count
It depends on the volume you need and size of PCB. ESSEMTEC offers a 4 zone lead free oven that ...
Hand Solder vs. Wave Solder
The deciding factor is volume of production. Things to consider with wave soldering... Cost of machine Cost of 300-900 lbs ...
Batch Reflow vs. In-line Reflow
I have 13 years of experience selling batch and inline ovens. Batch ovens have their place. Smaller simple PCB, but ...
APEX Trade Show Feedback
You missed a much busier show then last year, at least for ESSEMTEC. We unveiled a new pick and place ...