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Sjef van Gastel

Manager Advanced Development
Sjef van Gastel is manager of advanced development at Assembleon Netherlands B.V. He is responsible for technology roadmapping, technology investigations leading towards new machine concepts and for competitive dynamics. He is principal author of the book 'Fundamentals of SMD assembly.'

Sjef van Gastel has submitted responses to the following questions.
Is Rework Unacceptable?
In case rework is required this also means a deviation from standard SMT assembly technology. Consider for example removing defective ...
Chip Component Cracking During Placement
There are two main causes of mechanical cracking. The first is impact cracking, which occurs during the placement of the ...
Through Hole Component Phase Out
The use of through-hole components depends on several factors: Availability of SMD components with comparable specs: not all components are ...
Solder Fillet Peaks
Without seeing a picture, I can't say for sure, but it does not sound like a defect, unless it ends ...