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David Bonito

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Sales & Marketing Manager
Technical Manufacturing Corp.

David has been active in all areas of the contract electronics manufacturing industry for over fifteen years. He is currently in charge of all Sales and Marketing related activities for Technical Manufacturing Corporation.

David Bonito has submitted responses to the following questions.
Cleanliness Testing
Ion chromatography (IC) testing for anionic, cationic and weak organic acids against IPC-TM-650 para. 2.3.28 procedures is currently the latest ...
Plating Lead Free Parts for Tin/Lead Assembly
There are suppliers in theindustry who will replate leaded components with a tin/lead solder, but beextremely careful when doing this ...
Cause of Cracking on SOT23 Components
Sinceyou indicate that this is a recent issue, it seems to me that something haschanged in the process even if ...
HASL vs. Immersion Gold
Iusually recommend ENIG as a plating over HASL for those customers who haveapplications for printed circuit board assemblies that are ...
Deionized Water Sample Testing
That is exactly what is happening. As soon as the DI water comes out ofthe system and is exposed to ...
Tacky Substance Under Zero Clearance Parts
A few thoughts come to mind right off the bat. Assuming that the substance is flux residue and not originating ...
Circuit Board Exposed to Rain
The most likelihood of failure at this stage would probably occur in unsealed components that would be susceptible to failure ...
Intermittent BGA Test Problems
You are most likely seeing solder balls underneath the device that did not reflow properly and therefore are not making ...
Through Hole Soldering on 24 Layer Board
On the surface, it seems clear that the bottom side (or the side opposite to the solder side) of the ...