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Hartmut Berndt

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B.E.STAT group

Mr. Burndt has been in Electronics & Semiconductor Technology since 1980 and work in the area of Electrostatic (ESD) and electronic devices. He is President of the B.E.STAT group (Germany); expert in ESD audits, trainings, failure analysis and ESD control programs.

Hartmut Berndt has submitted responses to the following questions.
Stainless Steel Benches and ESD
Stainless steel benches are a risk for electronic parts, specially ESDS. Stainless steel benches or all metal surfaces provide a ...
PCBA Transport Between Facilities
PCB assemblies shall be transport outside of an EPA only inElectrostatic Shielding packaging. All other packaging, electrostaticdissipative material (old: low ...
ESD and Humidification
The main ESD items for the ESD protected area are ESD tables,ESD mats, Wrist straps ESD floor. Control air humidity ...
ESD Protection
If the bags are shielding bags, then it's ok. If you use only "pink poly" bags then it's not ok! ...
Humidity Outside Specified Limits
For ESD requirements the humidity level shell be above 20%, better 40 %. For ESD product qualification is 12 % ...
Contamination Prior to Conformal Coating
We are specialist in ESD material and have helped many companies. You have two problems with Pink Antistatic Bubble Material: ...
What is the Proper DI Water Resistivity
The resistivity of DI water is higher as 108 Ohm. With a bubble equipment (additional carbonic acid) you can achieve ...
Pre clean boards before printing
One solution for cleaning is also the use of an ionizer. The ionizer with fan's creating electrostatic charge for discharge ...
Control Electronic Static Discharge
Inside of the AHE (automated handling equipment) you have ESD events, called from CDM (Charged Device Model). This ESD event ...