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Brook Sandy

Product Support Specialist
Indium Corporation
Brook is Product Support Specialist for PCB Assembly Materials at Indium Corp. With a background in Chemical Engineering and previous experience with conductive adhesive new product development, she provides expertise in choosing the right materials and processes to optimize PCB assembly operations.

Brook Sandy has submitted responses to the following questions.
Frequency of Checking Solder Paste Viscosity
No, typically it is not necessary to check viscosity before each use. We check the viscosity of the paste (and ...
Cold Solder Joints on 0603 Components
In some cases, small solder deposits that look like cold solder could actually be graping, which looks very similar. Graping ...
Solder Hardness Comparison
There are a few possible causes for this difference in solder joint hardness. First, if the alloys are from different ...
Nano Coated Stencil Wear
The best way to characterize how the nano-coating degrades over time is by measuring the print transfer efficiency of the ...
Intermittent BGA Test Problems
This sounds to me like a textbook case of Head-in-Pillow (HiP) defects. What happens in this case is that during ...