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Peter Vigneau

General Manager
Circuit Technology Center, Inc.
Mr. Vigneau is the General Manager of Circuit Technology Center, a world-leader in the repair and rework of populated and non-populated circuit boards. Peter has over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry.

Peter Vigneau has submitted responses to the following questions.
How To Rework SMT Connector with Center Ground Strip
We perform this type of repair on a regular basis. There are several important variables to be considered prior to ...
Options for Reballing BGA Components
The appropriate re-balling process to follow is dependent on the BGA package. If you are re-balling a eutectic or lead-free ...
Rework or Repair
In response to the second of your two questions, are there clear definitions for the terms repair and rework? Yes, ...
Hand Soldering Alternative
One product that might solve your problem is AMP-BARREL terminals offered by Tyco Electronics. The AMP-BARREL Terminal is designed to ...
Rework Circuits Under BGA's
Absolutely, it is possible to rework and add circuits under leadless devices like BGA's while maintaining the ever critical flatness ...