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Peter Greenland

VP Sales & Marketing
Pycon Inc.
Mr. Greenland has 20 years electronics industry experience ranging from circuit board design to product support & repair services. Peter has spent the last 4 years at Pycon Inc. supporting customers that require high mix, low volume manufacturing solutions.

Peter Greenland has submitted responses to the following questions.
Bromine Free PWBs
Bromine-free and Lead-free are connected via the RoHS initiative   Brominated hydrocarbons such as PBE and PDBE have traditionally been ...
Mixed Technology - Which First
SMT assembly is usually done prior to Wave assembly. You will need "Wave Fixtures" for your PCBA designed to protect ...
HASL and solder mask process?
They likely used a silkscreen and did it maually. ...
Solder Paste Inspection
For solder paste height measurements, you can use Cyber Optics Auto LSM. ...
Studies showing the effects of PCB finish on manufacturability
HASL is generally not great for fine pitch assemblies...I would recommend flash gold which has much better resolution. ...
BGA component re-balled with lead free spheres
You have some options, of all which are viable primarily for prototypes or engineering evaluations (1) Re-ball the BGA package ...