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Christian Ott

Sales Manager
Christian Ott knows electronic manufacturing companies around the world and their specific requirements. He has hands on experience with Selective, Reflow and Wave soldering processes.

Christian Ott has submitted responses to the following questions.
Wave Solder Pot Contaminated with Lead
The best way is to exchange part of the alloy. Depending on your solder pot volume you can calculate how ...
Wave Solder Pallets
If the carrier can hold the heat the no problem to use the same carrier for lead free and leaded ...
Options for Reducing Dross
To reduce the dross in the wave machine it is important to keep the active surface as low a possible. ...
Spray Fluxer Uniformity Question
The best way to verify the spray patern is to use thermo paper on the bottom of the PCB. You ...
Problems with blow holes
The blow holes are not really related to the ratio. The recommended hole diameter for laedfree is 0,3mm bigger then ...
Problem with 'No Clean' Solder Flux Residue
Almostall no clean fluxes use a dipic acid. Based on your description it looks like you have this residue on ...
Re-certify a reflow oven
From the exhaust side you should check the volume of air flow and ensure it is the same as on ...