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June 9, 2010

Lead to Hole Ratio for Selective Soldering

Does the lead to hole ratio for a selective soldering process vary from a standard wave soldering process?

What is the proper lead to hole ratio for selective soldering to achieve good solder flow and proper fillet formation?

F. L.

Experts Comments

The short answer is that the requirements are the same as a previous expert response on wave soldering (Recommended lead to hole ratio).

You need to have sufficient lead below the pad to grasp and conduct the heat from the solder to the top side, but you also need reasonable pin to hole clearance for the solder to flow upwards unrestricted.

Kevin Valentine
Sales and Service Manager, Americas
Nordson SELECT
Kevin Valentine is the Sales and Service Manager, Americas of Nordson SELECT and has over 25 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. Kevin's expertise is in production manufacturing automation, equipment setup and operation as well as process engineering. For the past 15 years Kevin has focused specifically on soldering issues relating to selective soldering, component solderability and lead tinning.

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