INSPECT.assembly System for Advanced Component Verification
INSPECT.assembly Station Puts High-Precision Automated Vision on the Assembly Line
Radiant Vision Systems introduces a fully-integrated inspection station that bridges the gap between machine vision systems and true human vision. Using high-dynamic-range, scientific-grade CCDs to replicate human visual sensitivity to contrast, the INSPECT.assembly system automates complex assembly verification for the most diverse and obscure defects.
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VIS-I: Mis-Routed Cable
Misrouted Cables
When components have exact tolerances for position and placement, even human inspection may not be sufficient for defect detection. Issues like a cable that has come loose from its guide may be missed by inspectors, but not by INSPECT.assembly.

VIS-I: Screw Presence

Low-Contrast Screws
High-precision cameras combine 29MP resolution, broad dynamic range, and interline-cooled CCDs for low image noise, enabling the INSPECT.assembly system to discern subtle variations in contrast-such as a silver screw on a silver surface-for improved detection.

VIS-I: Loose Connector

Loose Connectors
Although an assembly may pass functional test, subtle defects like a loose connector may result in latent failures once the device is in use. Precise dimensional gauging by INSPECT Software ensures all components are in the correct positions before shipping.
Achieve automated assembly verification with a drop-in solution tailored to your unique specifications. Contact us today for a product introduction, or learn more about the INSPECT.assembly system.
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