Improve the Protection of Automotive Electronics
Harsh Contaminants on the Outside Can Impact Performance on the Inside

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board
As the design of automobiles evolves to include more safety, comfort, and infotainment, automotive manufacturers continuously face the challenge of finding reliable, economical, and high-performance circuit materials and protecting printed circuit boards.

Automotive PCBs are a good example of how delicate electronic boards can survive harsh conditions including humidity, dust, salt, sulfur, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and other contaminants when appropriately protected. If circuit boards are left uncoated, leakage or corrosion can take place, damaging delicate parts and compromising the safety and operation of the vehicle. Light-curable conformal coatings are often applied to automotive circuit boards to protect them from fluids and improve circuit reliability in harsh environments.

Want to know more? Download the new white paper "Protecting Automotive Components with Conformal Coatings"

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board
Protect Sensitive Automotive Components from the Environment

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board
The automotive industry uses thousands of printed circuit boards in vehicles, from the controls for doors, windows, and seats, to the engine's electronics. As the use of modules and sensors increases to support added functionality and customization in automobiles, it is critical that PCBs are properly protected from fluids and corrosion that may damage them and compromise vehicle safety and operation. Conformal coatings provide this necessary protection.

A new study examines a selection of conformal coatings tested for chemical resistance against seven fluids commonly used in the automobile industry. See the results for yourself!

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board
Light-Curable Materials for Automotive Electronics

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board
Are you an automotive engineer or a manufacturer of vehicle electronics searching for materials to improve product performance? From conformal coatings, encapsulants, and edgebond materials to adhesives for camera modules and lens assemblies, Dymax provides innovative light-curing technology solutions for automotive electronics assembly.

These cutting-edge technologies help reduce costs and turn problems like shadow areas, cure confirmation, and production throughput into non-issues. A new selector guide is available that features detailed product information and simplifies the product selection process by comparing the various products based on the type of cure mechanism, features and benefits, viscosity, shore hardness, and more. Get a free copy of this guide today!

Enhance the Security of Your Printed Circuit Board

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