Don't Fear the Shadows
Conquer them with Ambient Secondary Curing and Protect the Whole Board

Give Your PCB the Ultimate Protection with Dymax Conformal Coatings

Dual-cure 9481-E and 9482 light-cure conformal coatings are specifically formulated to ensure cure in applications where shadow areas on high-density printed circuit boards are a concern.

  Ambient moisture cure in 2-3 days
  Solvent and halogen free
  Bright blue fluorescence for easy inspection
  Chemically resistant
  Good board and component wetting

The coatings cure first with UV light and then with ambient moisture in 2-3 days, eliminating the need for a second process step and concerns of component life degradation due to temperature exposure. They are ideal for applications where coatings flow into shadowed areas and components cannot withstand secondary heat-cure processes.

Conformal Coating: Don't Fear the Shadows

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