NanoCoatings Webinars On-Demand

The webinars for the award winning nanocoatings for stencils and printed circuit boards, from Aculon, Inc. are now accessible for free, on-demand. No sign-up required. Watch it when it is most convenient for you.

The webinars feature Aculon's award-winning electronics coatings, NanoClear® Stencil Treatment, the #1 Stencil Nanocoating globally, and NanoProof® PCB Repellency Treatment, and contain a helpful question and answer session.

NanoCoatings Webinars On-Demand

Overview: This FREE webinar explains why stencil nanocoatings are no longer just for fine pitch stencils and why leading OEMs and CEMs are now utilizing NanoClear® the #1 Stencil Nanocoating in the world, on a broad variety of stencils to improve quality, enhance productivity and reduce costs everywhere in their print process!

Watch this webinar to ...
  • Learn how you benefit from nanocoating every stencil!
  • See how the cost of ownership calculator proves the cost savings of using a nanocoating on every stencil
  • Understand nanocoatings, how they work, and their cost/payback
  • See CEM data showing the performance improvements before and after NanoClear®
  • Learn new cleaning recommendations to enhance durability
  • Get introduced to Aculon's worldwide distribution partners

NanoCoatings Webinars On-Demand

Overview: This FREE webinar shows you how the new generation of coatings can protect your PCB and allow you to rework the board. Until now, water-resistance product offerings generally fall into two categories: conformal coatings that repel fluids but require some level of masking or "keep-out" areas and are hard to rework or vacuum-deposited coatings (which also require masking) such as parylene-based treatments and again are hard to rework.

Aculon's award-winning NanoProof® surface treatments create a third category - no mask solutions based proprietary hydrophobic coatings that are spray applied and allow you to rework the PCB. NanoProof eliminates the need for costly capital investment and avoiding the bottlenecking batch process of vacuum based manufacturing or masking operations.

Watch this webinar to ...
  • Learn how NanoProof® can protect your PCBs
  • Discover how NanoProof® contrasts with conformal coatings and parylene technologies
  • Calculate how NanoProof® can reduce costs by allowing rework!
  • Identify which NanoProof® product is right for application exposure conditions
  • Learn how you can sample Nano Proof® for testing.

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