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3 Ways to Improve Deposit Consistency

All it takes is a little flash in a dispense tip or syringe barrel to make deposit sizes vary. To improve the deposit accuracy and repeatability applications:

Use high-quality tips and barrels free of flash and burrs.

It may seem like any tip or syringe barrel will do, but even the smallest piece of flash or the tiniest burr can obstruct fluid flow and change deposit size by as much as 30%.


Start with the lowest pressure setting.

Try 10 psi for one second, then adjust. If you're not getting the perfect deposit, it might not be the pressure that's the problem. It might be the dispense tip.


Try a different dispense tip.

Sometimes a general purpose tip isn't best for your fluid. Try a tapered tip. Its wider ID can increase flow. Or try a tip with a different gauge or length. Or, if you've got an exact dot size specified, you'll need a tip with a diameter half that size.

Put EFD's application knowledge to work in your next dispensing process.

New Jetting Technology

EFD's new PICO PµlseTM jet valve and ToµchTM touchscreen controller make it easy to:

Fine-tune dispensing for better process control

Dispense micro-deposits ≥ 0.5 nL

Set cycle speeds up to 1500Hz

Plus our new P-Jet and P-Dot jet valves deliver reliable dispensing with deposits ≥ 3 nL at up to 280Hz.

Learn more about PICO Pulse

Why Angled Tips

These tips make it easy to dispense in problematic, hard-to-reach areas.

Available in 45° and 90° bends and lengths 0.5" to 1.5" - custom sizes too!

Allow you to get as close to the workpiece as possible

No kinks = accurate, repeatable deposits every time

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High-Precision Dispensing Video

Dealing with fluids that change viscosity over time? Check out this video.

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White Paper

Dispensing Automation White Paper

Thinking about automation? Read this white paper on what to consider.

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