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February 6, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits®

VIEWPOINT 2020: Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits®
Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits®
Sunstone had a very good year in 2019, bringing on several very strong new customers, equipment and technology upgrades, improvements to our manufacturing and quality systems, and making it faster and easier for the Design Engineer, Purchaser or entrepreneur to get high quality PCBs made in the US, when they need them.

Every day we continue to make strides towards a nearly effortless experience, similar to Amazon; you make a couple clicks and your PCBs arrive at your door. We now Move towards 2020 optimistic that the strong economy and the continuation of the electronics renaissance will continue to bring more and more opportunities our way, coupled with significant changes to products and our design software platforms propelling us in the right direction for sustained growth.

I am very grateful for all of the amazing people that I get the pleasure of meeting and working with on a daily basis. I hear personal stories of triumph and perseverance from the employees of Sunstone Circuits who bring life to our business. In addition, Sunstone has many customers, each with a very interesting story that as a collective tells a grander story of innovation and triumph and Sunstone is proud to be a part of it.

Thanks once again to all of you that have trusted Sunstone to deliver what you need over these many years and to our employees that continually do whatever it takes to keep adapting to fast moving changes. A toast to many more years of continued success.

Terry Heilman, CEO
Sunstone Circuits®