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January 14, 2020

VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken Church, CEO, nScrypt

VIEWPOINT 2020: Ken Church, CEO, nScrypt
Ken Church, CEO, nScrypt
In 2020, nScrypt sees continued migration from PCBs to printed circuit structures (PCS), conformally integrating circuits into device structures. PCSs solve the problem of incorporating an increasing number of active and passive electronic components and antennas into increasingly smaller and complex electronics packages.

nScrypt predicts PCSs will eventually replace PCBs as electronics are reshaped and reformed, and become part of the structure of electronic devices.

Printed electronics require thin lines and 3D printing typically produces comparatively thick lines. nScrypt's microdispensing and material extrusion tool heads print both electronic layers and continuous conductive lines AND the structure of the device.

By combining 3D printing, printed electronics, and traditional manufacturing techniques, nScrypt's Factory in a Tool (FIT) 3D manufacturing solutions will continue to empower product designers and manufacturers in 2020 to build PCSs in one machine, with automatic tool changes.

To serve nScrypt's customers who want to 3D manufacture PCSs in harsh environments, nScrypt is introducing nRugged, the first and only ruggedized 3D manufacturing platform. This ruggedized version of nScrypt's FiT builds precision products, not just parts, and does it in harsh environments.

Ken Church, CEO