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February 11, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Jamie Ellsworth, Global President, KitPackers

VIEWPOINT 2019: Jamie Ellsworth, Global President, KitPackers
Jamie Ellsworth, Global President, KitPackers
KitPackers is seeing an increase in interest in the use of flexible films in the packaging of chemicals. We have been providing small (4ml to 200ml) pouches filled with both one and two component adhesives and other resin systems like encapsulants for 20 years. More recently we are seeing a lot of activity in quoting, sampling and suppling much larger pouches both one & two component.

For example, a traditional five-gallon kit for field mixing and application would consist of a metal pail partially filled with major component together with a smaller metal can for the minor component. The minor component packaging is now being packaged in a tough flexible heat-sealed pouch from 8oz to a gallon.

We are also seeing interest in large two component pouches that have a removeable for frangible seal separating the two components until ready to mix. There are cost savings associated with lower cost container as well as advantages for "kit" outer packaging with overall space reduction. Finally, the end user will have less solid waste to dispose of with the empty containers.

We see this trend continuing in 2019 and we are improving our films and processes to meet this demand.

Jamie Ellsworth, Global President