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February 8, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Milan Shah, President, Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc.

VIEWPOINT 2019: Milan Shah, President, Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc.
At Royal Circuit Solutions, our mission is to deliver beautiful boards fast! We do this by constantly investing in specific equipment and enabling software that enhances the customer experience starting with quoting and engineering, through DFM and production, and even down to the best shipping option.

Royal Circuits has a full research and development lab dedicated to finding optimum solutions to meet current engineering needs. For example, engineers are looking for new solutions for faster heat dissipation in their board designs using through-hole vias. In response, we developed copper plating recipes to plate through-hole vias in under 6 hours as a solid copper slug.

While there are some aspect ratio limitations currently, our process engineers are working with leading chemistry vendors to refine and improve this advanced process. Another example is our customers asked how to stop white solder mask from turning pink after solder reflow. Again, our R&D lab responded with a process to eliminate this issue for white LED boards.

We continue to see robust growth in diverse industries as the IOT, automotive, medical device, industrial and semiconductor industries expand their push deeper into electronic products and devices. This electronics industry is expected to grow at an even faster clip for the next few years! It's a great time to be a part of this innovative industry!

Milan Shah, President
Royal Circuit Solutions, Inc.