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February 5, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Jonathan Rowntree, Senior Vice President, Henkel Adhesive Electronics

VIEWPOINT 2019: Jonathan Rowntree, Senior Vice President, Henkel Adhesive Electronics
Jonathan Rowntree, Senior Vice President, Henkel Adhesive Electronics
How will you differentiate your company and technology?

One of Henkel's primary corporate values is our commitment to sustainability with a goal of tripling the value we create through our business activities in relation to our environmental footprint by 2030. For electronics, not only do Henkel formulation priorities align with these objectives to ensure RoHS and REACH compliance, but also deliver cost-efficiency, ease of use and exceptional performance.

These R&D targets span Henkel's entire electronics product line, which is distinguished by its technology-enabling capabilities and by its breadth. We are the only supplier that offers holistic material solutions across the board - driving innovation from semiconductor packaging to electrical interconnect to device and substrate protection, thermal control and structural bonding. With a broad technology tool box and talented team of innovators, Henkel is leveraging hybrid chemistry techniques to develop new platforms for the future.

Will you introduce new products or expand into new markets?

Henkel is constantly innovating and is focused in new and growing market sectors where we can add value. Our electronics business averages about 50 new products per year and we are continually expanding our technical know-how and entering new markets with novel ideas and chemistries.

Some of our most recent innovations include enabling electrically conductive adhesives for solar, EMI shielding solutions that address modern-day miniaturization and RF isolation challenges, and our Game Changer solder technologies which now include low-voiding and jetting formulations.

What are your expectations for electronics assembly next year?

Historically, Henkel has outperformed the market, though today's environment of trade challenges, currency exchange complexities and short-term market slowing have created some headwinds. Currently, we anticipate 3% to 4% market growth over the next year.

Jonathan Rowntree, Senior Vice President
Henkel Adhesive Electronics