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January 30, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits

VIEWPOINT 2019: Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits
Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits
Is there a better time to be a part of the electronics industry than now? With all of the innovation and growth that is happening across most every electronic industry, there is much optimism to be had moving into 2019. After a great 2018 for Sunstone Circuits, 2019 is sure to be even better.

As I reflect on where we have been over the years and where we are going in the near future I believe that we are in the midst of almost unprecedented growth in the electronics industry. Nearly everything today has some form of electronics in it from satellites to toys.

As more and more electronics growth occur in the Automotive, Robotics and Medical industries; consumer goods and the explosion of IoT devices, the possibilities are endless. I am extremely optimistic about Sunstone's 2019 year and beyond fueled by all of this innovation and creativity.

In 2019, Sunstone will continue to add capabilities, equipment and new products and services to its already full-service stable making it even easier to bring electronics projects to life for the Design Engineer, part time innovator, or hobbyist with the next great idea in electronics.

Thanks once again to all of you that have trusted Sunstone to deliver what you need over these many years and to our employees that continually do whatever it takes to keep adapting to fast moving changes. Here is to many more years of continued success.

Terry Heilman, CEO
Sunstone Circuits