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February 1, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Matthias Fehrenbach, CEO, Eutect GmbH

VIEWPOINT 2019: Matthias Fehrenbach, CEO, Eutect GmbH
Matthias Fehrenbach, CEO, Eutect GmbH
For us as special machine manufacturer and module provider, 2018 was a very successful year. Both in the existing- as well as the new customer sector, we were able to win and complete many interesting soldering projects. This development shows us, that the market for special soldering processes, based on selective-, laser-, piston-, induction- or thermode soldering continues to grow.

Especially the miniaturisation and the high packing densities require ever more frequent solutions, that can only be implemented with great difficulty with standard systems, or not at all. For this reason we are always developing new possibilities to realise customer requirements efficiently, such as for example the Laser Knife, that was presented this year.

We assume, that the demand for special solutions in the field of component soldering will also not diminish in 2019. We will therefore also present several new products next year, true to our motto: Technical complexity is not always unique. Uniqueness consists of finding easy and efficient solutions, in order to master the challenges in soldering automation. The basis for that is listening, inquiring and mutual understanding.

Matthias Fehrenbach, CEO
Eutect GmbH