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February 4, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK

VIEWPOINT 2019: Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK
Peter Bierhuis, President, Nordson ASYMTEK
Looking forward to 2019, Nordson ASYMTEK will be flexing its know-how in conformal coating and precision dispensing to enhance our total systems approach to all the equipment we manufacture.

Conformal coating solutions have been our expertise for many years. The demand for selective coating continues to grow as electronics become more ubiquitous in life, from the home, to the car, to outdoor activities. Coating protects these electronics from environmental effects, like moisture or extreme temperature changes.

In 2019, we will be expanding our unique expertise of this important PCBA process to the sub-systems and sub-processes that surround the coating unit to deliver unique solutions to fit our customers' needs.

Fluid dispensing in ever-smaller amounts continues to be important as electronic devices shrink and new form-factors require creative approaches to their assembly. Important system features can enable the dispensing equipment to make it faster and more precise, while new and updated jets, pumps, and valves expand the range of applications our customers can tackle. Dispensing larger amounts of fluid has also become more important - but with demands for better process control for the entire fluid dispensing process.

Peter Bierhuis, President