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January 3, 2019

VIEWPOINT 2019: Ed McMahon, CEO, Epec Engineered Technologies

VIEWPOINT 2019: Ed McMahon, CEO, Epec Engineered Technologies
Ed McMahon, CEO, Epec Engineered Technologies
The business climate in 2019 will be filled with uncertainty. One thing that is certain is that in order to succeed in any business climate you need to invest in new technologies and products to differentiate your company.

Here at Epec, our strategy will include adding more design resources and tools which will allow us to work more efficiently with our customers so that they can get their new products to market quickly. In the electronics hardware industry speed is crucial so we must invest in people and systems to provide this service.

As part of our product technology roadmap, we will be expanding our RF products and introducing RF coaxial cable assemblies to go along with our diplexers and multiplexers, along with expanding our online flex/rigid flex PCB portal InstantFlexQuote to give customers the ability to get their own quotes and place orders quickly on-line.

So, while growth in 2019 may be challenging, it doesn't change how companies will win.

Ed McMahon, CEO
Epec Engineered Technologies