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March 7, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Carlos Bouras, General Manager, Nordson SELECT

VIEWPOINT 2018: Carlos Bouras, General Manager, Nordson SELECT
Carlos Bouras, General Manager, Nordson SELECT
As the recently formed selective soldering division of Nordson Corporation, Nordson SELECT is continuing to combine the features of both ACE Production Technologies and InterSelect GmbH to deliver the best of both worlds to our worldwide customers. For example, our drop-jet fluxer is capable of handling high solids content fluxes and is highly maintainable which is not the case with most competitors on the market.

We have a big advantage in how we image and program a board using fiducial recognition cameras plus our single user interface software allows worldwide program mobility across multiple machine platforms. This means customers can create programs at one location and deploy them to other global sites enabling rapid reconfiguration of selective soldering lines for increased manufacturing flexibility.

Unlike other solder nozzle cleaning systems, our patent pending automatic solder nozzle tinning system does not spray a liquid or powdered flux. It keeps our solder nozzles clean by removing oxidation residues and re-tinning the nozzle surface without overspray or contamination of the board or the machine.

Throughout 2018 we will continue our commitment to deliver innovative products, outstanding service and exceptional value to our growing worldwide customer base, all backed by Nordson's award-winning global support network.

Carlos Bouras , General Manager
Nordson SELECT