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March 6, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Don Jeka, Sales and Marketing Manager, X-Ray Division, Scienscope

VIEWPOINT 2018: Don Jeka, Sales and Marketing Manager, X-Ray Division, Scienscope
VIEWPOINT 2018: Don Jeka, National Sales and Marketing Manager, X-Ray Division, Scienscope
At Scienscope we are extremely optimistic about the 2018 electronics assembly market and our growing position in it.

We have the excitement of launching a new product and at the same time are making pronounced investments in our service group with our "Customer First" initiative. Plus, our closed tube cabinet X-Ray inspection systems have new enhanced software tools and remain on the leading edge of the performance to price point equation.

We will be launching our new automated inline component counting system, the AXI-5100C, at APEX. This product will offer the fastest component counting capability in the industry and expands our component counting line to allow us to offer more automation to higher volume operations.

Component counting and inventory validation via X-Ray analysis is a rapidly expanding, efficient process being increasingly employed within the circuit assembly world. It offers the advantages of letting operators know, with certainty, exactly what they have in inventory prior to setting up a line.

It helps avoid the dreaded "line down" scenario and all of the associated costs of this event for example, line set up and tear down time, express shipping charges, missing a quantity commitment or shipping deadline, etc. X-Ray component counting also greatly reduces stockroom man hours and the inaccuracy associated with manual parts counting.

Scienscope is now able to offer higher volume manufacturers an automated component counting system, our AXI-5100C. This system can be part of complete automated solution for component counting operating in an inline fashion and integrated with storage towers. It is unique in the industry.

Additionally, our proven bench top system, the AXC-800, offers medium volume users or those not requiring automation the ability to accurately maintain component inventory while saving greater than 50% of the labor associated with this tedious task. It is capable of counting four 7" reels simultaneously and and also counting components in a variety of packaging methods.

Scienscope has firmly established itself as the standard for mid priced, value driven, cabinet style closed tube X-Ray inspection systems with standard automated software tools that make these systems the leaders in performance to price value. From our entry level X-Scope 1800 to our flagship X-Spection 6000 we offer a comprehensive range of X-Ray systems which all operate using the same easy to use software package which includes automated BGA inspection, voiding calculations, and pass/fail reporting.

Scienscope has the benefit of being associated with outstanding sales representatives which boosts both customers awareness of our products and confidence in us as a company. As the leaders in the X-Ray performance to value equation we are very enthusiastic about our growth in 2018, and expect to have another outstanding year.

Don Jeka, National Sales and Marketing Manager, X-Ray Division