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March 8, 2018

VIEWPOINT 2018: Allen Duck, VP of Sales & Marketing, Getech

VIEWPOINT 2018: Allen Duck, VP of Sales & Marketing, Getech
Allen Duck, VP of Sales & Marketing, Getech
Getech has seen more technology cross over in the last 12 months and expects this trend continue. PCB marking for traceability and the use of robotic handling systems to move PCBs from one station to another becoming more prominent. The drivers being data integrity and control with touchless handling by humans.

The result being the inclusion of PCB end of line processes with test and assembly operations in a seamless continuous flow. In certain markets this trend has extended to automated packing, labelling of the packaged product and boxing of the final packed goods for immediate delivery. A true "Lights Out" capability is emerging in markets that have the stability and volume to operate in this manner.

We continue our technology focus with Lasers and their application in areas of PCB end of line operations. The delivery of Laser PCB routing machines, in 2016 and 17, with fully integrated sorting of PCBs based on the test data will be a driver for us in the IOT world of sensors, scanners and microelectronics.

2017 was a great year globally and we expect 2018 and 19 to continue driven by the Auto industry, a continuous need for memory and broader adoption of IOT devices.

Allen Duck, VP of Sales & Marketing