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February 10, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: Robert Avila, National Sales Manager, Finetech

VIEWPOINT 2017: Robert Avila, National Sales Manager, Finetech
Robert Avila, National Sales Manager, Finetech
25 years ago Finetech's first SMT rework system was introduced with a placement accuracy of 10µm. Three years later, we developed our 5µm Pico model - which was far more accurate than actually needed at the time.

Fast forward to today and we continue to lead the industry with regards to placement accuracy and thermal management. The Pico system was progressive when introduced and continues to serve today's advancing technology needs of fine pitch BGAs, micro BGA's, and small passives (01-005 and even smaller) on densely populated PCBs.

In 2017, we anticipate that customers involved in rework will be focused on system flexibility, quality/reproducibility, ease of use, thermal control, and high resolution optics. A growing application will be SMT-on-flex, especially for medical devices (hearing aids, insulin pumps) and automotive systems (sensor modules, engine control units).

To rework chip (or die) on flex, the handling of the "floppy" flex circuit can be a challenge. Finetech's solution includes an alternate vacuum clamping system and highly accurate and rapid heating processes.

The use of illuminating and energy efficient LED components is increasing in many industries, especially automotive. These small light emitters are often mounted on sizeable metal clad substrates for efficient heat distribution, and they require uniform heat and controlled parameters during rework.

Robert Avila, National Sales Manager