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February 2, 2017

VIEWPOINT 2017: John VanNewkirk, President & CEO, CheckSum

VIEWPOINT 2017: John VanNewkirk, President & CEO, CheckSum
John VanNewkirk, President & CEO, CheckSum
CheckSum grew dramatically in 2016 because we focused on making our customers successful. Many companies decided to re-examine their approach to board test and found CheckSum's unique approach to ICT, part programming, and functional board test to better fit their needs than the historic alternatives.

As we head into 2017, the trend in electronic manufacturing are clear: smaller microcontroller- dominated PCB's manufactured in large panels.

CheckSum delivers value with industry-leading technology and unmatched economics through the highest throughput solutions available today. Our customers are not compromising, they are gaining competitive advantage.

In 2017, CheckSum will extend our throughput advantage by launching the industry's first parallel test solution for functional test of panelized boards. CheckSum's innovations provide breakthrough technologies to create distinct advantage for our customers: unmatched accuracy and stability, industry-leading throughput, and attractive economics.

CheckSum looks forward to 2017 and the opportunity to work with more electronics manufacturers seeking opportunities to improve test coverage and test economics.

John VanNewkirk, President & CEO