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June 2, 2020
Hon Hai Boss Points to Decentralized Production
Decentralized production would be the new focus in manufacturing, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co chairman Young Liu told an online forum held by the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute. "The COVID-19 pandemic exerted a heavy impact on supply chains as well as production ... [production] would no longer be concentrated in solely one country, this is the end of what we used to call world factories," ...
Taipei Times
Gartner Says Global Smartphone Sales Declined 20% in First Quarter of 2020 Due to COVID-19 Impact
Global sales of smartphones to end users declined 20.2% in the first quarter of 2020, according to Gartner, Inc. The global shelter-in-place combined with the economic ...
Openair-Plasma for Display and HMI Manufacturing
Displays and HMIs are part of daily life, the triumphal development of these systems was made possible also by plasma surface treatment, enabling dust and ...
Technical Paper
U.S. Manufacturing Index Inches up From 11-year Low
U.S. manufacturing activity improved in May after falling to its lowest level in 11 years. The Institute for Supply Management’s factory index, the PMI, increased ...
EPS News
Conformal Coating on PCBAs
Openair-Plasma for Display and HMI Manufacturing
ISO Standards and the Case for Cost-Effective Delivery of Quality
Solder Bridging and Other Common Soldering Problems
Improve SMT Yield and Reduce Defects
High Power Density Aerospace Solution
Eliminating Ni Corrosion in ENIG/ENEPIG Using RAIG
A Novel Method to Improve the Adhesion of Conformal Coatings
Prepare for the Worst, Hoping for the Best
The civic unrest spreading across the U.S. and other countries offers yet another challenge for entrepreneurs. From the managers of big-box chains to the corner mom ...
Trump's push to regulate social media faces uphill battle at FCC
U.S. President Donald Trump's effort to regulate social media companies' content decisions may face an uphill battle from regulators who have previously said they ...
Gartner Identifies Nine Traits for CFOs to Drive Better Performance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Gartner, Inc. has identified nine traits CFOs should implement for better performance during the coronavirus pandemic. Gartner experts base the recommendations on ...
TSMC delivers 7nm automotive design enablement platform
TSMC has announced the availability of what it claims is the world's first 7nm automotive design enablement platform (ADEP) to accelerate time-to-design for customers' ...
Design News
Reliability of New SAC-Bi Solder Alloys in Thermal Cycling with Aging
The effect of micro-alloying to SAC based solder materials on component reliability was studied, considering various factors of solder paste and surface finish.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
India asks internet service providers to block WeTransfer
India has ordered its internet service providers (ISPs) to block file-sharing website WeTransfer at a time when hundreds of millions of people are working from ...
Factory of the Future Tailored to the Smaller Manufacturer
Manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to produce more product variations in the same amount of time while using the same space. Gone are the days ...
Design News
Dispensing EMI Shielding Materials: An Alternative to Sputtering
The development of a spray coating process to apply EMI shielding materials to the exterior surfaces of components on strips and larger SiP packages.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Covid-19 Raises Demand for Thermal Imagers and Detectors
Thermal imaging and sensing technology will certainly be among the lines of defense against the Covid-19 virus, according to market research firm Yole, triggering ...
EE Times
The 20 Greatest Hoaxes in the History of Engineering
The history of science and technology is rife with cons, false conclusions, and outrageous claims. From faux innovations, perpetual motion, and fake artificial ...
Design News
Jun 3, 2020: Webinar: Conformal Coatings: Modern Challenges Demand New Solutions
Jun 10, 2020: Webinar Electronics 3: Nano Coatings by Openair-Plasma®
Jun 11, 2020: Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum
Jun 18, 2020: Juarez Expo & Tech Forum
Jun 18, 2020: FREE Webinar - Jet Printing Solder Paste and Cleaning Challenges
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How many nautical miles are there in one degree of latitude?
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Looking for Long-term Component Storage Options
Looking for long-term (10+ years) options to store components (IC's) in dry or nitrogen environment. Can you provide some options?
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Carlos Bouras
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Jerry Karp
President, JSK Associates
Ray Prasad
President, Ray Prasad Consultancy Group
Paul Austen
Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
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Baking After Cleaning Hand Placed Parts
Conformal Coating Recommendation
Burned Chip Repair
SEHO System's Mini-Wave Solder Nozzle Optimizes Selective Soldering Process
SEHO Systems GmbH has registered the patent for a new mini-wave solder nozzle that remarkably improves the selective soldering process in many ways. The patented ...
SEHO Systems GmbH
Yamaha Motor Corporation Launches its 'Connected Showroom'
Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. and its Intelligent Machinery Division announces the formal launch of its all-new "Connected Showroom" based in its Marietta, GA ...
Yamaha Motor Corporation
Indium Corp Expert to Participate in EPP Assembly Reliability Webinar
Manncorp Assists Northwestern University's Efforts Against COVID-19
HZO Hosts Waterproofing Electronics and Corrosion Protection Webinar
Mencom Introduces the New MIXO ONE Series Enclosures
MicroCare Names New Assistant Corporate Controller
Detection Devices for Novel Coronavirus, Part II
Pfeiffer Vacuum ASM 306 S Helium & Hydrogen Sniffer Leak Detector
New Yorker Electronics Unveils Vishay Wet Tantalum Capacitor Updates
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How many nautical miles are there in one degree of latitude?
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