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April 1, 2020
Foxconn Refocuses On China As Coronavirus Spreads
For years, Foxconn Technology Group has been spreading out factory work and R&D away from China. It picked India, Vietnam and the U.S. state of Wisconsin, for example. The world's largest contract assembler of electronics, including iPhones, still does most of its manufacturing in China, but it keeps meeting higher costs and labor unrest. Now, the company says its China plants can meet seasonal demand ...
Smartphone maker Xiaomi says China sales already close to full recovery
Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi Corp is seeing signs of a sales recovery in China, it said, as the country starts to return to normal following the coronavirus lockdown ...
Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) in Electronics Contract Manufacturing
Economic Order Quantity in Electronics Contract Manufacturing is different. Because its impact is often surprisingly greater than that of the classic EOQ, much more attention ...
Technical Paper
No driver needed: Self-driving trucks are starting to move cargo on the nation's highways
No driver likes being stuck between two trucks barreling down the highway — especially when one of those trucks is driving itself. That's not likely to happen anytime ...
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Reliable Nickel-free Surface Finish Solution for High Frequency-HDI PCB Applications
The Benefits of Plasma Treatment in Electronics Manufacturing
Environment and PCBs
Myths and Realities of Electromagnetic Solder Pumps
High-Density Micro-dispensing Solder and Adhesives
Automating Component Storage for Industry 4.0
Basics of MES
Eliminate Voids with Vacuum Reflow
If Car Keys Are Apps, API Security Is Key
Now that apps on smartphones have become the mother of all digital commerce, companies are feverishly rolling out app-based products and services – digital commerce ...
EE Times
Supply Chain 101: The DPA Won't 'Cure' Covid-19
All over the world, healthcare workers face a critical shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE) which prevents cross-contamination between caregivers and ...
EE Times
Coronavirus may cut global corporate tech spending 4.1% in 2020
Global companies whose revenues have taken a hit during the coronavirus pandemic plan to cut technology spending this year by as much as 4.1%, according to the ...
Trump holds call with U.S. internet, mobile phone providers
President Donald Trump spoke with the biggest U.S. internet and mobile phone providers to talk about how the networks are holding up as tens of of millions of ...
Terabits-Per-Second Data Rates Achieved at Short Range
Using the same kind of techniques that allow DSL to transmit high-speed Internet over regular phone lines, scientists have transmitted signals at 10 terabits or more...
IEEE Spectrum
Can Water Contamination Cause Failure?
We have an operational circuit board that was accidentally exposed to rainwater for a few hours. Is there a greater likelihood of failure? The Assembly Brothers, Jim Hall ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Xiaomi says China sales are close to a full recovery
In brief: While every company out there is battling a sea of uncertainties with slowing economies around the world, Xiaomi is confident its long-term investments ...
The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Curbing China's CO2 Emissions
The coronavirus outbreak has sent the global economy reeling as businesses shutter and billions of people hunker down. Air travel, vehicle traffic, and industrial ...
IEEE Spectrum
An Interesting Approach to Yield Improvement
The approach involves spending a little more money than normal at the start of project and the results show savings of many times more than this outlay.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Desk dining and mandatory health checks: How Huawei is returning to work
At Huawei's first ever virtual press conference, CEO Eric Xu waited patiently as dozens of reporters attempted to get the moderator's attention on video conferencing ...
Take the Bailout Cash?; Furlough or Fire; Boosting Employee Morale
High-tech executives are still focused on sales and profit objectives, but newer and non-traditional problems are edging out these in the minds of CEOs and CFOs ...
EE Times
7 Ways to Train Your Brain to Make Better Decisions
Hanger aside, making sound decisions is an essential skill for entrepreneurs. Every day brings a tidal wave of choices, from hiring to product features to marketing plans. ...
Foxconn profit declines in 2019
Foxconn (Hon Hai) has reported net profit of NT$115.308 billion (US$3.81 billion) for 2019, falling 10.66% on year, with gross margin for the year dropping to a record ...
PC brands seeking new routes for delivery
With Amazon giving priority of its product delivery to daily necessities and pushing back that for PC products, most PC vendors are now seeking alternative ways to ship ...
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What is Earth's atmospheric region of charged particles connecting the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere?
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Viscosity of Solder Paste Before Printing
What is the general recommended viscosity of solder paste before printing?
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Mahesh V Draksharapu
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Process Engineer, Astronautics
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ZESTRON is pleased to announce the hiring of Jeff Kennedy as the Strategy and Business Development Manager. Jeff is active in advanced technology roadmaps ...
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What is Earth's atmospheric region of charged particles connecting the stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere?
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