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October 19, 2018
Drivers Wildly Overestimate 'Semiautonomous' Cars
Cars are getting smarter and more capable. They're even starting to drive themselves, a little. And they're becoming a cause of concern for European and American safety agencies and groups. They're all for putting better tech on the road, but automakers are selling systems like Tesla's Autopilot, or Nissan's Pro Pilot Assist, with the implied promise that they'll make driving easier and safer, and a new ...
China robot market growth to slump this year as trade war weighs
Sales of industrial robots in China, the world's biggest market, will grow this year at only about a third of last year as an escalating Sino-U.S. trade war hits spending ..
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
Case studies discuss EMS projects where the commitment to our clients' success was demonstrated. From concept through production for one to product lifecycle management ...
Technical Paper
Graphene Printing Technique 'Silk Screens' Flexible Electronics
MIT researchers have devised a way to grow a single crystalline compound semiconductor on its substrate through two-dimensional materials. The compound semiconductor ...
IEEE Spectrum
Improving Quality with Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning
Enabling IPX Level 7/8 PCB Waterproof Protection
Say Goodbye To Stencils
Conformal Coatings that don't crack under pressure
Important Ways of Approaching Heat Management
PCB Prototyping for Smarties
Why Jobs Go On Hold
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
Are Engineers Educated?
Every now and then, I've wondered how people view a person graduating with an engineering degree. Do they generally think that he or she is truly "educated," or is ...
IEEE Spectrum
The Strengths and Weaknesses of 4 Distinct Leadership Strategies
In any industry, leadership means changing with the times. From the production era to the relationship era, leaders have transitioned the way we work ...
How OEMs Can Compress Their Cash-Conversion Cycle
If one of your supply chain partners suffers a debilitating disruption, how quickly can it recover? A healthy company should have the working capital on hand to ...
EPS News
The Faster, Cheaper, Better Way to Charge Electric Vehicles
Chinese carmaker NIO, the world's newest electric vehicle unicorn, has a big idea: battery swapping. In theory, the process is quicker and more convenient than a fast ...
For the Last Time: Here's the Difference Between Weight and Mass
What's the difference between weight and mass? Many people use these terms interchangeably, but that only works because all but a few of us live on Earth. If we start ...
Solder Paste Alloy Check
We accidentally assembled boards using lead-free paste. Is there an easy method to check which paste has been used?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
The world's first 5G phone will also be the first Android handset to have 10GB of RAM
The world's first real 5G phone will be unveiled in just a few days, and now we also know that it'll be the first Android handset in the world to pack 10GB of RAM ...
iPhone XS and XS Max Teardowns: Better Machine Learning, New Battery Shapes, and Beer-Proofing
Teardowns of the iPhone XS and XS Max reveal the engineering and design behind Apple's latest machine learning chip, an innovative new battery shape, and arguably the ...
Design News
Issues Mixing Silicone and Acrylic Conformal Coatings
Our repair PWA assemblies have a silicone based conformal coating. During repair some of the coating is removed. Is there be a compatibility problem with the coatings? ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
The World of A.I.
Judging by the breathless coverage, it can seem as if the only countries developing A.I. are the United States and China. But while companies in those two countries ...
The New York Times
25 Best Undergrad Supply Chain University Programs
More universities are stepping up to equip undergraduates with the knowledge they need to staff high-tech electronics supply chain departments. Chief supply chain ...
Toolset Enables Connected Vehicle Applications
Renesas Electronics has introduced a new software development toolset enabling applications based on its R-Car automotive system-on-chip (SoC) to combine dynamic ...
EE Times
Oct 23, 2018: International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference
Oct 23, 2018: Oregon Chapter: Reflow Process Optimization Utilizing a Novel Defocused Laser for Fine Pitch Applications +
Oct 25, 2018: Free Cleaning Webinar - DI-water vs Chemistry
Oct 29, 2018: Failure and Yield Analysis Short Course (Singapore)
Nov 5, 2018: 2nd Annual China Forum Workshop
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Class 3 Cleaning Requirements
We recently received our first contract to assemble Class 3 circuit board assemblies. Are there any changes we need to make in our cleaning operations to switch from Class 2 to Class 3?
Responses by:
Steve Stach, President, Austin American Technology
Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, Zestron America
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Mike Konrad, President, Aqueous Technologies
Rick Perkins, President, Chem Logic
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Conformal Coating in Low Humidity Environments
Hand Soldering vs. Selective Wave for small LCD
Silver Solder for Audio Circuits
Alpha to Focus on Automotive Assembly Materials at SMTA Guadalajara
Comet Group Receives Publisher's Choice Award for Test Services at Lab One
Libra Industries announces new inside sales associate
NEO Tech Earns Industry Award for Contract Manufacturing Services at SMTAI
IPC & SMTA Announce Session 2 of High-Rel Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conf
Practical Components to Exhibit Wafer & Evaluation Vehicles Tech at IWLPC
Datest Receives Award for High-end CT Scanning and Failure Analysis Service
ANDA Receives Two Global Technology Awards during SMTAI
SHENMAO Wins Global Technology Award for SM-862 Liquid Flux
PDR Receives Prestigious Award for Its IR-E6 Evolution XL Rework System
Photomask Maker Compugraphics Announces New Hire and Sales Office
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