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Top Story June 24, 2016
Supply Chain Faces Value Creation Imperative
Among the key questions facing the global electronics and semiconductor industry are the creation of value and the development of new growth strategies in the midst of still challenging and conservative market conditions. Given the high rate of mergers & acquisitions (M&A) we've been seeing, clearly, there are deep financial pockets that corporations are ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies

Industry News
HP, Apple top list of tech companies fighting forced labor risk
HP Inc and Apple Inc topped a list issued ranking how well technology companies combat the risk of forced labor in their supply chains. Workers who make components ...
Should Your Driverless Car Hit a Pedestrian to Save Your Life?
People say that one day, perhaps in the not-so-distant future, they'd like to be passengers in self-driving cars that are mindful machines doing their best for the ...
The New York Times
People Want Self-Driving Cars That Save Lives. Especially Theirs
Would you buy a driverless car that is programmed to kill you? Of course not. Ok, how about a car programmed to kill you if it's the only way to avoid plowing into ...
Power Transistors: Modest Recovery Ahead
After roller coaster growth rates since the 2008 recession, the global power transistor market is expected to make a modest recovery, starting in 2016, according ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Real Truths on Virtual Reality
Farhad Manjoo has been to "prison," so you don't have to. Might you still be interested, though, if they improved the cells? In his column this week, he wrote about ...
The New York Times
Questions About Handling Solder Paste
We use lead-free solder and store it at a temperature of 4 to 5 degrees Celsius. After removal from the refrigerator we let the jar sit at room temperature for one ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk

Buybacks by Companies Like Apple May Signal Danger, Not Growth
IPhone sales are down and Apple has run into obstacles in China, its second-most-important market. Investors have beaten down Apple's once highflying shares ...
The New York Times
6 Industries That Desperately Need Innovation in 2016
Seven years ago, Kickstarter was born. Over its lifetime, the platform has helped fund roughly 100,000 creative projects that otherwise would have remained ...
Solder Splashing During Wave Soldering
We are experiencing solder splash while using both adjustable and dedicated pallets. What is the likely reason for this?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Apple eyeing touch controls to extend the power of the stylus
Apple has been looking at ways to extend the control power of stylus input methods, patenting a touch sensitive stylus which could allow for users to manipulate on ...
China can't buy enough industrial robots
More than one in four industrial robot units sold worldwide last year were in China, according to a new report. With its vast manufacturing base, the country dwarfs ...
Selecting Cleaning Processes for Defluxing
This paper discusses the factors, advantages and disadvantages to consider for commonly used cleaning processes.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor

Reinventing Paper for Electronics and 3D Technology
Organic paper, particularly cellulose-based paper, efficiently served in previous eras as an engineering material. In the Tang dynasty, soldier armors were mainly ...
3D InCites
Google plans to use renewable energy for data center expansion in Taiwan
Google has not changed plans to expand its existing data center in central Taiwan, but plans to purchase renewable energy instead of constructing a power plant ...
Why Nothing Short of 100% Can Ever Be Enough to Succeed
Be committed to your life at 100 percent. Be committed to your dreams at 100 percent, your career at 100 percent, and your marriage at 100 percent. When I'm having ...
Google highlights five main safety concerns surrounding AI
Safety risks posed by artificial intelligences are a genuine concern, but it's not just the apocalyptic robot uprising that we need to worry about. More seemingly mundane ...
Wanted: Clinical Pull, Not Tech Push
The 5th Annual Health Technology Forum (HTF) Innovation Conference, titled 'Common Good,' held last month at Stanford University offered us a host of interesting ...
EE Times
248,000 industrial robots revolutionising the global economy
The worldwide sales of industrial robots achieved a new record number of 248,000 units in 2015. This represents a rise in 12 per cent compares to the previous year ...
Electronics News
Press Releases
Angel Romero Appointed Sales and Support Manager, Mexico - PROMATION Inc.
STI Acquires New AOI System from Nordson YESTECH
PA&E Group Welcomes Litron Inc. into Its Corporate Structure
Microscan Introduces World's Smallest Platform for Barcode Reading
Graco Adds Flow Control, Servo Options to PR70 Meter, Mix, Dispense Systems
Advanced Vacuum Handling Systems for Critical Components at SEMICON West
Introducing the ELM-800 Laser Marker by Eunil
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Overlap Solder Joint Failures
What is the strongest way to connect two 8mm flexible LED strips together? We now lap solder one strip that ...
Responses by:
Terry Munson, President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Richard D. Stadem, Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
Gary Goldberg, President and CEO, PROMATION, Inc.
Karthik Vijay, Technical Manager - Europe, Indium Corp.
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Kishan Sarjoo, Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect

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