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Jan 17, 2017
Airbus CEO Sees 'Flying Car' Prototype Ready By End of Year
Airbus Group plans to test a prototype for a self-piloted flying car as a way of avoiding gridlock on city roads by the end of the year, the aerospace group's chief executive said. Airbus last year formed a division called Urban Air Mobility that is exploring concepts such as a vehicle to transport individuals or a helicopter-style vehicle that can carry multiple riders. The aim would be for people to book ...
VIEWPOINT 2017: Terry Heilman, CEO, Sunstone Circuits®
2016 was another very busy and successful year for Sunstone Circuits®. Our 44th year in business brought to market several new product enhancements to our core PCB products including RF / Microwave circuits as well as several newsworthy press releases, all focused on making the design engineer's job easier, by helping ...
Sunstone Circuits®
Google got it wrong. The open-office trend is destroying the workplace.
A year ago, my boss announced that our large New York ad agency would be moving to an open office. After nine years as a senior writer, I was forced to trade in my ...
The Washington Post
Move Over Humans: Bots are Just Better for Some Supply Chain Tasks
The fact remains that machines can outperform humans for a growing number of supply chain-related management tasks. But for those worried about how long it ...
Electric vehicles spur startups
Most of us are conditioned to think of the auto industry as an elite set of long established brands with the recent addition of headline-grabbing Tesla. The Big ...
The Detroit News
South Korea prosecutor seeks arrest of Samsung chief for bribery
South Korea's special prosecutor on Monday sought a warrant to arrest the head of Samsung Group, the country's largest conglomerate, accusing him of paying multi-million ...
Practices to Assure Consistent Hot Gas Rework
Paper discusses practices observed at various CMs that can lead to inconsistency in rework and techniques that will reduce or eliminate the inconsistency.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Samsung Electronics probe finds battery was main cause of Note 7 fires: source
A Samsung Electronics Co Ltd investigation into what caused some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire has concluded that the battery was the main reason, a person ...
How to reduce the risk of component obsolescence
Obsolescence of components and equipment is a continual challenge facing a variety of industries. It's important for companies to minimize the inherent risks ...
Control Design
Pick and Place Placement Rate
What is the best way to calculate, and verify the placement rate for a pick and place system prior to purchase?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Why the Surge of Third-Party APIs Matters to Supply Chain Executives
Today, supply chain demand is at an all-time high, while supply chain efficiencies have plateaued. When combined with a new wave of larger tech companies pushing ...
Solder Paste Residue Corrosivity Assessment
Although SIR and ECM tests are used to evaluate the solder paste residue corrosivity, a more selective method, the Bono test, has been developed.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Shopping goes high tech and hassle-free with new Intel technology
Shopping can be fun but also harrowing, especially in electronics or shoe stores. You can't find help or can't figure out if a specific product is in stock. In the ...
Devices with Programmable Genes? The US Army Wants to Put Bacteria into Electronics
The US Army has big plans for the little critters that live in just about every place on the planet. What are these microbes being used for and how will they impact ...
All About Circuits
Why Experience Makes You Fearless
I was chopping wood with a gas-powered splitter last weekend when a super heavy log caused the machine to tip over. Luckily, I pulled away just in time; instead ...
Flexible OLED Displays: Overcoming Barriers to Mass Commercialization with High-Yield Manufacturing Processes
Technology experts have been tracking and forecasting the flexible OLED display market for years now, assessing the technology's promise and potential for ...
Foxconn, Sharp May Still Build An LCD Manufacturing Plant In The US
Foxconn is scrambling to establish its foothold in the United States in a bid to secure its position as an Apple supplier amid Donald Trump's call for American ...
Tech Times
Automakers Sharing Data? When Cars Fly
In the context of highly automated driving, describing HD mapping simply as "mapping" is misleading. Today, HD mapping is considered must-have data for highly automated ...
EE Times
Smartphone vendors likely to brace for component shortages in 2017
The risk for the global handset industry to brace for a shortage in supplies of some key components, including displays, memory products and optical sensing ...
Press Releases
SAWA Ultrasonic Squeegee Cleaner Presents New Solution for Lead-Free Pastes
Scienscope to Offer Live Demo on the X-Scope 300 at MD&M West
Kimchuk Incorporated installs ACE selective soldering system in Connecticut
VirTex - 2016 Reflection. 2017 Outlook
SmtXtra Launch in the USA
Nathan Trotter Acquires LOCTITE Solder Bar Division of Henkel Electronics
Libra Industries Sponsors a Child through 'A Special Wish'
KIC Celebrates 40 Years of Helping Manufacturers
Ellsworth Adhesives Europe completes purchases of TRB's adhesive unit
Spectrum's Multi-channel LXI Digitizers Deliver High Res Measurements
Applied Technical Services Corp. acquires Seica Flying Probe Test System
Singulating Pre-Scored LED Lighting Strips in High Volume
Saline Lectronics purchases Nikon Metrology X-ray System
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Solder Balling Splash After Reflow
A lot of balls are observed after reflow process along and under SMD components. (see images)We have not found the root cause, any ideas are welcome. PCB finish surface: HAL ...
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Kevin Pigeon, Senior Applications Manager, AIM Solder

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