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February 21, 2019
Musk predicts the self-driving Tesla is just around the corner
Elon Musk says he's certain that Tesla cars will be ready to drive themselves by the end of the year — if only regulators would allow it. Many of the ...
3 Lessons From a Customer Service Failure
One of my best friends recently led an industry event. I couldn't be there to support him in person, so I thought I'd find a way to have a surprise waiting for ...
RoHS: 10 Years Later -- IT Equipment Corrosion Issues Remain
The European Union RoHS directive took effect in 2006 and corrosion-related failures of electronic components and equipment continue to present themselves throughout ...
Technical Paper
Samsung announces folding phone with 5G at nearly $2,000
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday unveiled a nearly $2,000 folding smartphone in a bid to top the technology of Apple Inc and Chinese rivals and reignite ...
Polyurethane Encapsulants - Enhanced Protection For LEDs in Challenging Environments
Assembling High Current Heavy Copper PCBs
Heat Flow in Reflow
Characteristics of EPIG Deposits for Fine Line Applications
Next-Gen, High-Temp Capable Underfill
3D MRS Sensor Technology for Challenging Measurement & Inspection
Solving Problems Before They Occur in PCB Design to Manufacture
Using Vias to Improve PCB Density
When Will Quantum Computing Have Real Commercial Value?
Our romance with new technologies always seems to follow the same trajectory: We are by turns mesmerized and adoring, disappointed and disheartened, and end up ...
IEEE Spectrum
Why 3D Printing Is Going to Need Blockchain
If 3D printing technology wants to get ahead of its inherent security issues, the best way would be to adopt blockchain. Speaking at the 2019 Pacific ...
Design News
How Self-Driving Cars Might Transform City Parking
Autonomous vehicles could transform parking as well as driving, new research suggests. Parking lots could house more driverless cars than human-driven ones, but ...
IEEE Spectrum
Self-Driving Cars – What Does This Mean For The Future
We all love to think about the future when it comes to our cars. It is so easy to imagine flying cars and so much technology that could be fitted inside the ...
Electronics Supply Chain Roundtable: More on Mexico, What's New South of the Border?
First it was the election in the US that was threatening to disrupt the growth and success of manufacturing in Mexico, but they held firm and their steady ...
If the foldable phones of the future look like this, count me in
I was once at an event with journalists and tech leaders when Nokia showed off an animated video of the most visionary concept of the foldable phone of the future ...
YOU MAY HAVE heard that China has cornered much of the world's supply of strategic metals and minerals crucial for new technology, including lithium, rare earths, ...
What Is Synthetic Biology? And How Will it Transform Manufacturing?
Synthetic biology, an emerging field that applies engineering principles to biology, may someday mean we create our foods and other biological materials in a ...
Design News
This is how Android will work on the Samsung Galaxy Fold and other foldable phones
While mobile phones used to come in all shapes and sizes, device makers have largely standardized around the flat glass slab. But we could be looking at another big ...
PC World
China smartphone AP shipments to drop 25% in 1Q19, says Digitimes Research
Smartphone application processor (AP) shipments to China vendors in fourth-quarter 2018 declined 10% on quarter with system manufacturers adjusting shipment ...
Self-Driving Car Insurance Changes
Without humans to cause accidents, 90% of risk is removed. Insurers are scrambling to prepare. Dan Peate, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur in Southern California, was thinking of buying a Tesla Model X a few years ago--until he called his insurance company and found out how much his premiums would rise. "They quoted me $10,000 a year," Peate recalled. For all the concern over accidents ...
Will Sino-US Trade War Precipitate Manufacturing Spin-Off in India?
Global electronics contract manufacturers are planning substantial investment in India with a total of around $1 billion over the next five years to expand their ...
EET India
Handset vendors keen to offer differentiations to stimulate demand
Handset vendors have been keen to develop a variety of differentiated solutions for their smartphones to stimulate replacement demand from consumers, and hole ...
MWC Barcelona 2019: Foldable Devices, 'Real' 5G, and Microsoft's HoloLens 2
The biggest show of the year for the mobile industry converges every February in Barcelona--MWC Barcelona (formerly known as Mobile World Congress), held by the ...
IEEE Spectrum
A Ride on the Business Cycle
World electronic industry growth moderated (or contracted) in many sectors in late 2018. The semiconductor industry felt more of a fourth-quarter slowdown than ...
MWC Barcelona 2019: A New Era of Testing for the IoT
Every year at MWC Barcelona, the mobile industry's largest annual trade show, companies release scores of new connected devices. But before anyone can take these ...
IEEE Spectrum
Samsung's foldable phone? Meet the Galaxy Fold
Samsung's promised a much better look at its foldable phone at tomorrow's big S10 event. We already caught a glimpse of the product late last year at the company's ...
How Open Source Hardware Empowers Procurement
The advent of processors based the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) is not just exciting for engineers and designers--open source hardware benefits ...
EPS News
MSD Components Baked Too Long
If MSD components are baked for more time than specified in J Std, can this cause potential failures or other problems? For example, components baked at 125C for 68 ...
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
5 Ways to Become More Persuasive
To give your career a boost in 2019, consider beefing up your soft skills. According to a new LinkedIn survey, 57% of senior leaders said such abilities are ...
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SPC is the use of statistical techniques to analyze a process or its output to take appropriate action. What does SPC stand for?
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ESD Ground Wire Gauge
When hooking up a ground wire from an ESD bench or mat to an earth ground like a wall outlet, what is the recommended wire gauge to use? Does it matter since we're dealing with such low current ...
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Peter Vigneau
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MSD Components Baked Too Long
Removal of Coatings from PCBs
Problems With Large Voids
Henkel Innovations take Top Honors at IPC APEX EXPO Event
At last month's IPC APEX EXPO event in San Diego, CA, Henkel Corporation's BERGQUIST® GAP PAD® TGP 7000ULM thermal interface material (TIM) and LOCTITE® ...
Henkel Corporation
KOKI releases Ultra Low Voids Solder Paste, S3X58-G803
KOKI Company Limited (Tokyo, Japan) has released a new, ultra-low void lead free solder paste, S3X58-G803 for SMT applications. Voids remained inside the solder ...
Koki Solder America Inc.
Sunstone Circuits Announces the Promotion of Nancy Viter & Mathew Stevenson
AIM's Derek Wang to Present at Fourth Customer Exchange Seminar in Beijing
Indium Corporation Expert to Present at Semi-Therm 2019
ITW EAE 50-inch Dual Lane Conveyor Option for Camalot Prodigy Dispenser
MicroCare Focuses on its Novel Flux Remover Chemistries at SMTconnect
Hanwha Commemorates Award-Winning Technology with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Nanotron and ClearBlade partner to deliver 360° Edge Analytics
New user-friendly System Concept for Fume Extraction Tasks available in US
Introducing Aven's Ultra-Glide Arm Stand System
Super PCB Makes Quality PCBs Affordable
Weland Solutions sets focus on automation
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SPC is the use of statistical techniques to analyze a process or its output to take appropriate action. What does SPC stand for?
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