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February 26, 2015
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New Orleanians Take to the Streets for Mardi Gras
New Orleanians Take to the Streets for Mardi Gras
A group of masked and costumed students dance through the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, marking the beginning of the city's famous Mardi Gras celebrations.

The day was Feb 27. What year was it?
Cartoon of the Day
"Please moan into the phone. A nurse will determine if you are too sick to work today or just faking it."
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Top Story
Google Pushing Android Phones at Work
Google introduced technology to encourage companies and their employees to use Android smartphones for work. Dubbed Android for Work, Google first announced the initiative in June 2014. Since then, Google has been working to make its operating system more secure ...
The Wall Street Journal
Industry News
Meet the Electron -- an Amazing Arduino-like Cellular Dev Kit
How can you take non-engineers and give them the resources they need to create cellular IoT products? The answer is the Sparc Electron. Do you remember the Sparc Core ...
EE Times
Apple Car: Drive Different
Apple plans to enter the automotive industry. According to Bloomberg, Apple aims to start selling cars in 2020. The company is said to have hundreds of people working ...
U.S. Manufacturing Facing a Worker Shortage
Opponents of offshore manufacturing and immigration reform point to U.S. job losses as the main effect of these actions. Yet two studies released conclude ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Inkjet Printing for Electronic Circuits
This paper explores the promise of what inkjet printing can bring to process simplification, cost reduction and improved capabilities.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Industry Group Breaks New Ground for Heterogeneous Computing
The HSA Foundation is paving the way for more power-efficient computing performance across all computing platforms -- from smartphones to supercomputers. Having arrived ...
EE Times
Intel to rebrand Atom chips along lines of Core processors
Pop quiz: Which is faster, the Atom Z3735F or the Atom Z3735G? If your eyes are glazing over, you're not alone, because even hard-core geeks get confused by Intel's ...
PC World
How to Build a Safer Internet of Things
Imagine a criminal using your nanny cam to watch your house or to scream at your child—or even to post footage of your home on a crime boss's website. And suppose your ...
IEEE Spectrum
Mechanical Failures in Pb-Free Processing
This paper covers evaluating the effect of pad crater defects on process strain limits for BGA devices. Methods, results, analysis and mitigation techniques are discussed.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
The 4 Digital Advertising Trends That Are Reshaping Advertising
People know a great ad when they see one, but getting that ad to right people at the right time is an art unto itself. As innovation in advertising technology renders ...
A Battery Doesn’t Store Charge, But How Does It Work?
Here is a quote from a science-like show I saw recently. In the scene, two individuals were talking about using batteries for an electric motor. It should be ...
4 Strategies to Maximize Multimodal Shipping Opportunities
On September 19, 2014, customers who had pre-ordered new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smart phones began to receive their orders at the same time that new iPhone 6's began ..
Pb-Free Alloy Alternatives
This paper compares solder compositions and micro alloyed SAC solders in terms of assembly and mechanical/thermal fatigue properties.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
5 Tips for Getting the Most Important Things Done Every Day
Getting the right things done is a daily struggle for most entrepreneurs. The battle cry of an entrepreneur's struggle is "boy am I busy!" Are you really that busy ...
Monopoly May Be a High-Tech Electronics Sector Killer
The fall to six-year lows in oil prices has been swift and unexpected for many economists. However, for following macroeconomics theory, these decrease in oil ...
Wearable Electronics Drive Power Management Innovation
The Internet of Things is already a hot topic for 2015, promising to deliver internet connectivity to such humble consumer items as the refrigerator and the ...
EE Times
Global tablet shipments in 2015 forecast at 221.4 million units
There will be 221.4 million tablets shipped globally in 2015, slipping by 11.9% on year, according to a Digitimes Research Special Report. Leading the market will ...
Press Releases Submit
Henkel Develops Temperature Stable Solder Paste, LOCTITE GC 10
In a major materials development breakthrough that is set to change current solder paste processing performance and cost paradigms, The Electronics Group of Henkel announces ...
Henkel Electronics Materials, LLC
KYZEN Accepts Award for pH Neutral Electronic Assembly Cleaning Chemistry
STI Electronics' J-STD-001 Inspection Kit Picks Up a 2015 NPI Award
VJ Electronix Wins a 2015 NPI Award for the New XQuik II with AccuCount
BTU Sells Two PYRAMAX™ 100A Units at IPC APEX EXPO Trade Show
Vi TECHNOLOGY to Participate in PCB Manufacturing Process Workshop in NY
JOT G3 with Tau enables 100% test coverage of Android devices for operators
SCS Awarded for Ionograph(R) BT Series Contamination Test Systems at APEX
ViTrox Technologies Wins Two NPI Awards for AOI and AXI
EVS Picks Up an NPI Award for the New Green EVS 500LF at the IPC APEX EXPO
A Bundle of New Ideas in Boundary Scan by Market Leader JTAG Technologies
Intertronics IRS 2129 Rubber Modified Epoxy Adhesive
FSInspection's HDMag Inspection Station Picks Up a 2015 NPI Award
Saline Lectronics Hires Jeff Riedel to Implement an Innovative Lean Culture
PARMI Wins Award for New SPI Defect Repair Feature for SIGMA X
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
Cause of Unusual Contamination?
We have 40 PCB assemblies with unusual contamination. Do you have any ideas what the contamination is, and what caused it?
  Responses by:
  KN Murli, Head-Quality, Astra Microwave Products, Hyderabad, AP India
  Georgian Simion, Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
  Dr. Craig D. Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, DfR Solutions
  Mike Bixenman, CTO, Kyzen Corp.
  Bryan Kerr, Principal Engineer - CMA Lab, BAE Systems
  Karthik Vijay, Technical Manager - Europe, Indium Corp.
  Tim Jensen, Product Manager, Advanced Assembly Materials, Indium Corp.
  Terry Munson, President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
  Daniel (Baer) Feinberg, Vice President, Fein-Line Associates
  Tom Forsythe, Vice President, Kyzen Corporation
  Jim Williams, Chairman, Polyonics, Inc.
A Generic Reflow Profile
Un-cleaned PCB Assemblies Potted
Problems with Insufficient Barrel Fill
White Papers Submit
Guidelines for Component Placement
What are the benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles?
Counterfeit Detection, Prevention & Mitigation Training
Best Practices in Documentation
Automating Test Measurements on High Density PCBs
Measuring Tiny Solder Deposits with Accuracy and Repeatability
8 Cost Saving Steps for Your Next Design
PCB Troubleshooting - Start with the Connectors
Calendar Submit
Feb 24, 2015 - IPC APEX EXPO 2015
Feb 25, 2015 - Texas Design-2-Part Show
Mar 2, 2015 - EE Essentials and SMT, BGA, BTC Courses
Mar 2, 2015 - SMT, BGA, & BTC Design & Manufacturing
Mar 5, 2015 - Essentials of Electronic Engineering
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"Being right half the time beats being half right all the time."
Herbert Browne
Test Your Knowledge
What are the Roaring Forties?
Answer: Winds
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