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Apr 28, 2017
Cloud's Sunny Earnings at Amazon, Microsoft & Alphabet
The moneymaking machines at the core of Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet, the parent company of Google, are notably different. But the respective kings of online retailing, software and internet search should all credit a relatively new line of business for lifting their financial results. In their quarterly earnings reports, the three said cloud computing -- through which they rent computing ...
The New York Times
It's Time for OEMs to Get Augmented!
We find ourselves living in exceptional times where technologies offer endless possibilities for innovation, not just in products but also in how those products are designed ...
Apple's top manufacturing partner will meet with Trump
Terry Gou, the chairman of Foxconn, is expected to meet with President Donald Trump in Washington, Nikkei reported on Thursday, citing sources familiar with the plan. ...
Business Insider
Tesla's Klaus Grohmann ousted after clash with CEO Musk
Tesla executive Klaus Grohmann was ousted last month after a clash with Chief Executive Elon Musk over the strategy of Grohmann's firm, which Tesla had acquired in November ...
Intel projects decline in chip prices, and AMD's Ryzen is one reason
Intel is forecasting a "slight decline" in its premium chip prices for the remainder of the year, and AMD's Ryzen chips could have played a part in that. Prices of Intel's ...
Uber Executive Steps Back From Self-Driving Cars During Waymo Legal Fight
Anthony Levandowski, the Uber executive accused of stealing trade secrets from Google, is stepping aside from leading some of the company's work on self-driving ...
The New York Times
Best Method for Repairing Underfill Arrays?
What is the best method for removing an SMT array package that has been under-filled and cured. Is there an industry approved method? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Talking to Jamil Nizam about the Evolving Identity of Master Electronics
In the last half century, the electronics distribution landscape and business model has evolved greatly. Master Electronics has managed, through a variety of strategies ...
3 Proven Ways to Stay Consistent, Meet your Goals and Realize Your Dreams
After years of running my own small business and observing successful people, I've come to one important observation about the true key to success: Be consistent. ...
Hot or Cold DI Water Rinse?
How important is the use of hot water in our cleaning systems? Could we get equal results using a room temperature rinse?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
7 Steps to Move Manufacturers to Industry 4.0
Many organizations are facing the challenges that come with digital transformation. For those in manufacturing, the task is to keep pace with the fourth industrial ...
EE Times
How to Conquer Your Biggest Fears
No one is born knowing how to dance, or draw, or run a business. All skill is acquired and, with enough diligence, mastered. World-renowned tattoo artist Jeff Gogue ...
Optimization of Stencil Apertures to Compensate for Scooping
This study investigates the scooping effect during solder paste printing as a function of aperture width, aperture length and squeegee pressure.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Apple investigating wireless charging via Wi-Fi routers, other communications equipment
Detailed in Apple's patent application for "Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas" is a method for transferring power ...
Apple Insider
Press Releases
Participants from around the Globe Join SEHO's International Sales Meeting
Scienscope Receives Third Award for Its Automated Component Counters
KYZEN Awarded for New Industry 4.0 Enabled KYZEN ANALYST at NEPCON China
BTU's New Dual Chamber Reflow System Awarded during NEPCON China
Metcal's Hand Soldering Innovation Receives Award during NEPCON China
GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies at EDICON CHINA
Data I/O Wins Second Award in China for Its New Smart Programming Software
Nordson DAGE Picks Up Its Third Award for the Quadra 7 X-ray
SMTA/CALCE Announce Program for Symposium on Counterfeit Parts & Materials
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Trichloroethylene Alternative
We are located in India and manufacture and assemble circuit boards used in watches. We are currently using a mix of Trichloroethylene and IPA for cleaning in the ratio ...
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Lee Wilmot, Director, EHS, TTM Technologies
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Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Mike Jones, Vice President, Micro Care
Mike Bixenman, CTO, Kyzen Corp.
Pierce Pillon, Laboratory Mgr., Techspray

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