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Jun 23, 2017
Uber's Problem: Driverless Cars Aren't Ready Yet
For the past eight years, Uber's chief executive officer and cofounder Travis Kalanick played the role of disruptive entrepreneur with wild abandon--and to great effect. The company has revolutionized ground transportation in many of the world's cities, often ignoring existing regulations, the concerns of entrenched taxi companies and many of its own drivers, and commonly accepted levels ...
MIT Technology Review
Foxconn plans U.S. display making plant for over $10 billion, scouting for location
Foxconn plans to invest more than $10 billion in a display-making factory in the United States and will decide on the location of the plant next month. The Taiwan-based ...
Handsets Expected to be Largest Market for ICs
Sales of chips for cellular handsets will surpass sales of chips for PCs for the first tine in 2017 as the PC sales slump continues and tablet shipments also plummet ...
EE Times
BMW and Volkswagen Try to Beat Apple and Google at Their Own Game
Volkswagen is delving into quantum computing. BMW is building a giant new data center. And Bosch announced plans to construct a factory to build chips for self-driving ...
The New York Times
4 Reasons Why In-Person Meetings Provide Unmatched Value
A few weeks ago, I had an early morning meeting (on a Saturday) in California. I'm involved in a new venture, and our team wanted to meet face-to-face to discuss ...
How Technology Can Eliminate Traffic Congestion
For years, we economists have claimed to have a miracle cure for heavy traffic. It's "congestion pricing": Charge drivers more to use roads and bridges during ...
The Wall Street Journal
Is There a Test for Black Pad?
We have identified black-pad and are concerned it may extend to assembled PCBs. Is there a nondestructive test that can be performed on assemblies? The Assembly Brothers ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
More Trade with Asia Comes at a Shipping Price
Global shipping demand is picking up worldwide as the U.S. economy continues to expand at a modest clip. Europe is showing signs of life and China is probably about ...
Reworked BGA Bridging at the Corners
Recently reworked BGA components are bridged at the corners. What caused the corners of the BGA component to bridge and how can we prevent it?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Economic Data Creates Procurement Strategies Foundation
While some may consider economics 'the dismal science', its importance in how we manage our supply chains cannot be understated. Yet, we seem to be more comfortable ...
Companies struggle to align innovation with business
Companies are making blind bets on innovation with billions of dollars potentially on the line, according to a new PwC survey of over 1 200 global executives and ...
Google Glass is apparently still around - and just got its first update in nearly three years
Dust off your Google Glasses, those who still have them - the $1,500 face computer is back in the spotlight today with a few updates. Today, in its first update since ...
Returning to Basics in the SMT Screen Printing Process
This paper showcases a new stencil process that was discovered by reverting to the basics.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Foxconn to continue to pursue Toshiba chip unit acquisition: Sharp CEO
Taiwan's Foxconn will continue to pursue an acquisition of Toshiba Corp's chip business, a day after the troubled conglomerate chose a rival suitor as the preferred ...
Imagination Tech up for sale after bruising Apple fight
Imagination Technologies, the British firm that lost 70% of its value after being ditched by its biggest customer Apple, put itself up for sale in a disappointing ...
Gartner Says Supply Chain Management Market Will Exceed $13 Billion in 2017, Up 11 Percent from 2016
The supply chain management (SCM) market will exceed $13 billion in total software revenue by the end of 2017, up 11% from 2016. It is on pace to exceed $19 billion ...
React to the Software Shift
It's called React Native. It's a single Javascript framework that developers are increasingly using to write programs for the web, Apple's iPhone, and Android handsets. ...
EE Times
Press Releases
Ersa Brings 'Little Big One' to SMTA Ohio -- Award-Winning Selective Solder
Aven Mighty Cam HDMI Color Camera: Measurement Ease with Built-In Software
Libra Industries Awards $20,000 in Scholarships during Annual Golf Outing
Greg Papandrew to Lead Advanced Circuit's Offshore Division
Optimal Electronics Provides Process Control for Nordson ASYMTEK
Schleuniger, Inc. Receives 2017 Best of Manchester Award
Inovaxe Partners with Repstronics in Mexico
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Cleaning an assembled board with IPA
If the PCBA is cleaned with IPA to remove the no-clean flux residue, will the IPA residue on the PCBA cause a potential electrochemical migration problem over time? If not, what kind ...
Responses by:
Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, Zestron America
Karl Seelig, Vice President of Technology, AIM
Brian Smith, General Manager - Electronic Assembly Americas, DEK International
Dr. Brian Toleno, Application Engineering, Henkel Electronics
Mike Jones, Vice President, Micro Care

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