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November 13, 2018
iPhone Suppliers' Warnings
Apple Inc shares fell to their lowest in more than three months as three suppliers issued warnings on results that pointed to weakness in iPhone sales. The Cupertino, CA company's signature product has become pricier with every new launch and analysts say that consumers, especially in emerging markets such as India, are ditching them for cheaper alternatives like those offered by China's ...
Top 500 Super-Computers Shows China, U.S. Gains
China extended its lead in numbers of supercomputers, but the U.S. made gains in overall performance in the rankings released Monday. The latest Top 500 list comes ...
EE Times
RoHS: 10 Years Later -- IT Equipment Corrosion Issues Remain
The European Union RoHS directive took effect in 2006 and corrosion-related failures of electronic components and equipment continue to present themselves throughout ...
Technical Paper
Star Trek-like Tech Seals Wounds with a Laser
On Star Trek: The Next Generation, Commander Riker had an impressive ability to receive head wounds. Luckily for him, Dr. Crusher could whip out the "dermal regenerator," ...
IEEE Spectrum
Using Vias to Improve PCB Density
Improving Quality with Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning
Enabling IPX Level 7/8 PCB Waterproof Protection
Conformal Coatings that don't crack under pressure
Important Ways of Approaching Heat Management
PCB Prototyping for Smarties
Why Jobs Go On Hold
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
VW could build up to 50 million electric cars: Automotive News
Volkswagen could build up to 50 million electric cars on its new electric vehicle platform and is looking at expanding its manufacturing footprint in the United States ...
Intel just told us when its new 5G modem is going to start showing up in phones
Intel has decided to accelerate the timetable for the launch and deployment of its new XMM 8160 5G modem, which the company says it's going to make available to ...
From Storage to Data Virtualization
Do you remember Primary Data? Well, I loved the idea and the team but it didn't go very well for them. It's likely there are several reasons why it didn't. In my ...
Success Habits: The Proven Ways to Achieve Your Dream
When I lived in Columbus, I knew that I wanted to make a lot of money. So, I took my TV out of my apartment. If I wanted to watch a game, I went to a sports bar ...
Volkswagen open to joining German battery cell consortium
Volkswagen is open to joining a German consortium exploring production of electric car battery cells and will discuss the matter at a supervisory board meeting, a ...
Tin Whisker Risk Management by Conformal Coating
This study evaluates conformal coatings for mitigation of tin whisker growth. The coatings chosen for the experiment are acrylic, polyurethane and parylene.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
UK companies may implant employees with microchips
A hot potato: Would you allow your employer to implant a microchip under your skin? It's a scenario that could soon be faced by hundreds of thousands of UK workers ...
Unwrap the Perfect Supply Chain Gift
The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it a new wave of demands that has businesses scrambling to get a slice of the holiday-spending pie. Disruptive ...
A Novel Conformal Back-Up Material
Paper presents a new technology and process in mechanical drill backing material designed to be used in rigid multilayer, rigid-flex and flex circuits.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Samsung plans to release new foldable smartphones every year
Samsung is going to produce an estimated 300 million smartphones in this year, according to an estimate from market research firm TrendForce. Compared to how ...
PC chip suppliers to see weaker sales in 4Q18
Most Taiwan-based PC-related IC suppliers are expected to see their sales retreat by a double-digit in the fourth quarter of 2018, affected by the short supply ...
New Chip Architectures, Sensors and Trust in Top 10 IoT Trends
New special purpose chips, more sophisticated and low-cost sensors, combined hardware and software for trust platforms plus deployment of new wireless technologies ...
EE Times
Apple Warns iPhones Have A Serious Problem
Apple's decision to no longer report iPhone sales has led many to assume the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR must be in trouble. This is premature, but attempts ...
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What is the standard width between railroad tracks?
See answer below.
Soldering Station Calibration
To calibrate or not, that is the question. When our company purchased new soldering stations two years ago we were told that they do not require calibration. I believe that all ...
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Richard D. Stadem, Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
Jerry Karp, President, JSK Associates
Renee Michalkiewicz, General Manager, Trace Laboratories
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
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Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Edward Zamborsky, Regional Sales Manager, OK International Inc.
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What is the standard width between railroad tracks?
Answer: In the United States, the standard width between railroad tracks is 4 feet, 8.5 inches, allowing inter-connectivity and inter-operability throughout a large part of the world.