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Top Story May 3, 2016
What Apple Has to Fear from China
No company wants to report that its sales have declined. But when you're Apple, which has consistently seen its revenues grow for more than twelve years, it's not just bad news but a serious kink in a joyful narrative of boundless possibility. Earlier this week the company--the most valuable in the U.S.--told shareholders that revenues had declined by 13%. ...
The New Yorker

Industry News
How Intel Missed the Smartphone Call
Back in the year 2000, a bright young reporter named Anthony Cataldo burst into our San Mateo bureau, his hair on fire with a story. There was going to be a new class ...
EE Times
Spring Cleaning: 6 Ways to Refresh Your Supply Chain Operations
With spring in the air, it's the perfect time to reevaluate the state of your business and review outdated technologies. Why? Chances are your supply chain ...
GaAs & Silicon: A New Proposal for Power
The idea seems so intuitive that you wonder why someone hasn't suggested this before: Use gallium arsenide (GaAs) as the power driver for modules in compute servers ...
EE Times
Researchers Develop Dissolvable Memristor
Researchers at two Chinese universities, the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge University and the University of Bolton in the UK, have produced a so-called memristor ...
EE Times
How to make tech meetups work for you
On any given day, more than 9,000 groups in 180 countries will gather somewhere in their local community to attend a "meetup," according to the company that coined ...
Computer World
Stencil Considerations - Miniature Components
This paper outlines different approaches to printing miniature devices along with conventional SMT devices.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor

3D printing goes to war
From the bow to the bunker buster to the hydrogen bomb, new technologies have changed the face of warfare, and 3D printing looks set to be just as revolutionary. ...
Why Everybody Respects Professional But Nobody Likes Corporate
In a white papers course I did some time ago, I talked about being professional without being corporate. Howard Jacobsen, another sharp marketer, asked me to ...
Which Term To Use - PWB or PCB?
Is there any real difference between the terms Printed Wire Board and Printed Circuit Board? Which do you recommend?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
IDC MaturityScape Guides Manufacturers Through Information Digital Transformation
The 3rd Platform, built on cloud, mobility, big data and analytics, social business, and Innovation Accelerators, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing ...
When Smartphones Become Too Addictive, Stylish Dumb Phones Offer a Respite
James Freeman is typically glued to his iPhone. But one day a week he pops the SIM card out of the device and slides it into a similarly stylish but much dumber handset ...
MIT Technology Review
pH Neutral vs. Alkaline Cleaning Agents
Study compares material compatibility and cleaning effectiveness of pH-neutral and alkaline technologies at low operating concentrations.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab

Major tech breakthrough iPhone users have been waiting for is finally here
Why is the iPhone 6s Plus so gigantic and unwieldy when Samsung's Galaxy S7 edge is wonderfully compact and manageable? Both smartphones have screens that measure ...
North American PCB Market Rebounds
IPC announced the March 2016 findings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program. Sales growth accelerated in March and order growth ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
iPhone shipments to rebound in 3Q16, but ASP to drop to US$600
Apple is expected to ship 41-43 million iPhone devices in the second quarter of 2016 (or Apple's fiscal third quarter) before ramping up shipments to 45-48 million ...
3 Trends From the Leading-Edge of Workplace Design
In today's highly competitive business climate, companies of all scales, sizes and maturity levels need to maximize the ROI they are pulling from their workplaces. ...
New York City Casts a Net to Catch the Next Big Start-Up
For years, New York - a city not accustomed to being second banana - has looked on as Silicon Valley has solidified its influence over the technology industry. Sure ...
The New York Times
Press Releases
Gen3 Systems helps boost Microtek Laboratory China's testing capability
BTU and ECD Win the EM Asia Innovation Award for the New Recipe Pro
Alpha Assembly Solutions Wins Prestigious Awards at NEPCON CHINA
North American PCB Business Growth Accelerates
Online asset management planning could become reality within five years
TRI will present test and inspection systems in Penang, Malaysia Seminar
New confocal microscope ZEISS LSM 800
Count On Tools Offers Special Pricing on All MYDATA Feeder Repair Kits
Data I/O Sweeps Industry Awards with Its LumenXTM Programming Technology
Libra Industries' Program Manager Earns Coveted CEPM Status
Apex FA announces Rich Sales and MMS representation in Mexico
Bob Stevenson Joins Essemtec USA to Strengthen North American Reach
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No Clean Flux Stains
My company is using old 7-zone reflow oven and we are using a no-clean flux which is causing a lot of flux ...
Responses by:
Greg York, Technical Sales Manager, BLT Circuit Services Ltd
John Norton, Eastern Manager, Vitronics Soltec
Chris Palin, European Manager, HumiSeal
Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, Zestron America

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