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Top Story July 22, 2016
Apple Watch Sales Punge
Apple Inc. is losing share to rival Samsung Electronics in the smartwatch market, IDC reported Thursday, but the release of Apple Watch 2 later this year may attract a flurry of first-time buyers. Shipments of Apple Watch fell 55% year-over-year in the second quarter, to 1.6 million from 3.6 million, shrinking Apple's share of the global smartwatch market to 47% ...
Market Watch

Industry News
Supply Chain 101: Top Tips for Great Partnerships
Confronted with shrinking profit margins, capacity concerns and rising customer expectations, today's logistics organizations are looking for innovative ways ...
Technologies that make cities smarter and better to live in
A key strategy for a more efficient and sustainable society in metro areas is the smart city concept, which introduces innovative applications in municipalities, utilities ...
Versatile FPGA IP Handing, Creation, and Packaging
Many companies are under pressure to deliver products to market faster so as to achieve the longest time in the market. This has led companies designing complex FPGAs ...
EE Times
Gartner Says by 2020 'Cloud Shift' Will Affect More Than $1 Trillion in IT Spending
More than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud during the next five years, said Gartner, Inc. This will make cloud computing ...
IPC Launches New Learning Management Platform
IPC has launched a new learning management system, IPC EDGE. This online learning platform is designed to deliver the education needed to acquire and develop the ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Humidity Indicator Cards and Baking Components?
We run small jobs so a reel of MSD components could be open and closed a number of times. Each time we put a new desiccant pack and humidity card in the MSD bag ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk

The Long, Final Goodbye of the VCR
Many new technologies are born with a bang: Virtual reality headsets! Renewable rockets! And old ones often die with a whimper. So it is for the videocassette recorder ...
The New York Times
Apple Watch Sales Plunge 55% As Samsung Doubles Market Share
For the first time ever, the worldwide smartwatch market saw a year-over-year decline of 32% for the second quarter, according to preliminary data from the International ...
Mixed Process Solder Joint Appearance, Smooth or Grainy?
We are using RoHS components that are placed using tin/lead solder paste and soldered in oven using a tin/lead reflow profile. What appearance should we expect?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Supply Chains Are Plagued by Orthodoxy
Many organizations do things simply because they've always done them, but many of these rules of thumb were created prior to the advent of technology but remain ...
Sensors, Peripherals to Dominate Wireless by 2021
Wireless sensor nodes and connected peripherals will outnumber hub devices such as smartphones and PCs in 2016 and increase their holding through 2021, according ...
EE Times
Microstructure and Reliability of Low Ag, Bi-Containing Solder Alloys
This paper investigates a number of low (or no) Silver (Ag), Bi-containing Pb-free alloys for performance in accelerated thermal cycling (ATC).
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab

Are You Addicted to Your Work?
It's one thing to love your work. It's another thing to let work get in the way of maintaining your health or your relationships. Allowing your job to take over ...
Market for Large TV Displays Heats Up
Supply chain concerns are prompting leading TV makers to shore up their panel supplies for the second half of the year, according to IHS. There's a shrinking supply ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Nature's Way to Relieve Stress Inspires Designs for Nearly Indestructible Bridges
An engineer in the UK has found inspiration in nature for the design of bridges that are far stronger and more durable than current designs. Emeritus Professor Wanda ...
Design News
Intel a Bear on PCs, a Bull on Flash
Despite a modest uptick in its latest quarter, Intel continues to believe PCs will decline by high-single digits this year. However it is bullish on flash memory ...
EE Times
3 Ways to Declutter Your Mental Workspace
Anyone who has built a business or worked in the startup industry knows that staying focused and refreshed is key to success. While you learn plenty of useful skills ...
IDC: Several China Banks Recognized for Digital Transformation Innovation Efforts
China's financial industry has basically completed its market-oriented interest rate reform while market-oriented fee rate mechanisms are taking shape in the insurance ...
AI Drives Startup to Map Deep Learning Computer
As the race for artificial intelligence heats up, hardware is back in vogue. Look no further than Google's Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), SoftBank's acquisition ...
EE Times
So you think you chose to read this article?
You may think you choose to read one story over another, or to watch a particular video rather than all the others clamouring for your attention. But in truth ...
BBC News
There might be an ocean of hydrogen gas underneath the ocean
Hydrogen may offer a clean, alternative fuel source but it's not without its problems. Right now, hydrogen is usually obtained by expending another form of energy ...
Press Releases
Tim Luke of Alpha to Present on Reliability at ZESTRON Workshops
BTU Receives Repeat Customer Order for Multiple Units for LED Assembly
SMTA International Keynote Speaker Announced
Rehm China receives Bosch award
Conecsus Signs Gardner & Meredith Reps for US Southeast
Bosch Sensortec launches Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow Sensor Hub Solution
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Which scientific discovey was discoveredin the 18th century: chromosomes, microbes, enzymes, or nucleic acid
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Delamination Dilemma
We have been experiencing delamination on a small percentage of circuit board assemblies during the reflow ...
Responses by:
Georgian Simion, Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Paul Reid, Program Coordinator, PWB Interconnect Solutions
Scott D. Szymanski, Global Marketing Manager, Nordson MARCH
Rodney Miller, Capital Equipment Operations Manager, Specialty Coating Systems
Mark McMeen, VP Engineering Services, STI Electronics Inc.
EH Lim, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, ECD
Jim Williams, Chairman, Polyonics, Inc.
Richard Heimsch, Director, Protean Marketing

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First Test Tube Baby
First Test Tube Baby
Louise Joy Brown, the world's first baby to be conceived via in vitro fertilization (IVF) is born at Oldham and District General Hospital in Manchester, England, to parents Lesley and Peter Brown.

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Jul 21, 2016: Concentration Monitoring and Process Control Webinar
Jul 25, 2016: SMT-BGA-BTC Design & Manufacturing
Jul 25, 2016: EOS, ESD and How to Differentiate Short Course (Manila)
Jul 28, 2016: High-Speed Digital Design & PCB Layout
Aug 4, 2016: Ohio Expo & Tech Forum
Aug 9, 2016: EMC PCB Design & Integration: How to Design Printed Circuit Assemblies & Enclosures for EMI EMC Compliance
Aug 9, 2016: How to Design Printed Circuit Assemblies & Enclosures for EMI-EMC Compliance
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Which scientific discovey was discoveredin the 18th century: chromosomes, microbes, enzymes, or nucleic acid
Answer: Microbes were discovered in the 18th century. Chromosomes, Enzymes and Nucleic acid were discovered in the 19th century.