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Top Story October 21, 2016
Samsung Enlists Ukrainians to beat Hungary Labor Crunch
Samsung Electronics has recruited Ukrainian workers to keep its Hungarian factory running smoothly, it said, in a sign of the unconventional efforts local companies are making to beat a deepening labor crunch. Years of emigration to western Europe have created labor shortages in countries on the European Union's eastern flank such as Hungary, Poland and the Czech ...

Industry News
What to Know Before You Get In a Self-driving Car
Outside a large warehouse in Pittsburgh, in an area along the Allegheny River that was once home to dozens of factories and foundries but now has shops and restaurants ...
MIT Technology Review
IPC: Global PCB Market Reaches $58.6B in 2015
The world market for printed circuit boards (PCBs) reached an estimated $58.6 billion in value in 2015 according to IPC's World PCB Production Report for the Year ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Microsoft Shares Hit a High With Promise of the Cloud's Profit Margins
Microsoft has staked its future on cloud computing, the next big technology wave for companies, and is now telling investors more about how much money it's making ...
The New York Times
More than 1 million people are still using Samsung's potentially explosive Note 7
The Galaxy Note 7 has harmed people and caused tens, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to users' property. It burned furniture, floors, cars ...
The Supply Chain and the Downside of Data
The abundance of raw data-processing power and the advancement of cloud storage have enabled information to be captured as never before. Proponents of Big Data promise ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Are You Singletasking Yet?
What are you doing while you read this? Are you dipping into your email while texting, reading tweets and partly listening at a meeting? Do you have your mobile ...

Will Typical No Clean Paste Pass an SIR Test?
Will a typical no clean paste pass an SIR test? Is it really clean enough for a conformal coating and 20 years of service? The Assembly Brothers, Phil Zarrow ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Apple complains Amazon's US site is selling fake products
Apple has complained of a "flood" of counterfeit goods masquerading as its products being sold on The claim relates to items sold via Amazon's "fulfilment" ...
BBC News
ISO 37001: Application in Supply Chain Risk Mitigation
In today's global economy, few companies are wholly self-contained. As multinational companies across all industries are becoming increasingly reliant upon third-parties ...
Hand Soldering vs. Selective Wave
Do you recommend a selective wave soldering process for an LCD glass display? Would the high heat cause thermal damage to the LCD?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Technology & Automation: Only Humans Need Apply
Most experts nowadays fear technology. The rapid automation happening in the industrial sector has become a cause for concern for many policy planners because ...
Gartner Says Enterprises Must Use Digital Economics to Fully Exploit the Value of Digital Business
Organizations that have been able to cause real market disruptions have done so because they have applied digital economics to exploit new value creation opportunities ...

New Placement Technology for Rework
This paper introduces a rework technology using cameras to identify the target area for component installation and component pin structure.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Scalability, Agility, Extensibility will Determine the Future of the IoT
The Internet of Things is at an important and exciting tipping point in its evolution. Components with embedded connectivity are shrinking in size, power, and ...
ARM TechCon
A peek into the future of lithium batteries
In a great example of a low-cost research solution that could deliver big results, University of Michigan scientists have created a window for lithium-based batteries ...
New Atlas
Tesla Will Make Its Cars Fully Self-Driving, but Not Turn the System On Yet
Tesla Motors said that it would equip all of its new vehicles with technology that enables fully autonomous driving, but would not activate the system until it ...
The New York Times
Smartphone buyers in Samsung's home country haven't given up on Galaxy phones
Samsung's battle to regain the trust of consumers after its Galaxy Note 7 ordeal will be a long and grueling one. There's no question whatsoever that the company ...
Computer Vision Leader Fei-Fei Li on Why AI Needs Diversity
As Fei-Fei Li sees it, this is a historical moment for civilization fueled by an artificial intelligence revolution. "I call everything leading up to the second decade ...
IEEE Spectrum
Press Releases
Rehm expands presence in Mexico
British Manufacturer & Distributor Gen3 Systems Launches Revamped Website
STI Recognizes Pam Whalen's 10-Year Anniversary
TE Connectivity & 3DGS Announce Joint Development Agreement
Spectrum's PXIe Modules allow Precision Signal Generation
Preventing 7 Big Mistakes of SMT Electronics Assembly w/ Expert Phil Zarrow
Cogiscan Partners with Siemens PLM Software
Libra Industries Promotes New Design Manager from Within
Akrometrix Announces Next-Generation AXP Shadow Moiré System
NEO Tech Earns Prestigious Raytheon Supplier Award for Third Time
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Estimating Failure Rate During Rework
Is there a way to estimate the potential failure rate introduced by hand rework of one SMT part. The process ...
Responses by:
Eric Bastow, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect
Dr. Craig D. Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, DfR Solutions

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Guggenheim Museum Opens in New York City
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Nov 1, 2016: "Hermetic Packaging of Implantable Bio-Medical Devices: Development, Evolution...Future"
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Nov 3, 2016: New England Expo & Tech Forum
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