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October 18, 2018
Silicon Valley Working with China to Ease AI Fears
Baidu has become the first Chinese company to join a US-led alliance on artificial intelligence that includes Silicon Valley's biggest names. The Partnership on AI was established in 2016 to ease concerns about the development and use of the frontier technology. Fears over AI include the risk of machines becoming smarter than people, which Elon Musk has said could pose an existential threat to the human race. ...
Automate Accounts Receivable to Pay Faster & Make Customers Happy
At its most basic, the electronics business is about being paid. Companies that don't get paid don't stay around too long and late payments can hinder an organization's ...
Implementing High-Volume, High-Performance Selective Soldering
Successful engagement of selective soldering includes a complete understanding of the soldering process and having a good relationship with the right supplier...
Technical Paper
Apple gives U.S. users tool to see what data it has collected
Apple Inc rolled out an online tool to users in the United States and several other countries to download, change or delete all the data that the iPhone maker has ...
Improving Quality with Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning
Enabling IPX Level 7/8 PCB Waterproof Protection
Say Goodbye To Stencils
Conformal Coatings that don't crack under pressure
Important Ways of Approaching Heat Management
PCB Prototyping for Smarties
Why Jobs Go On Hold
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
Google launches Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL in Taiwan
Google has launched the latest models of its Pixel lineup, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, in the Taiwan market, taking pre-orders immediately with delivery to begin on ...
How PCBs are made -- the basics
The PCB manufacturing is important step towards successful build of electronic equipment. The quality of device, smooth operation may be influenced by printed circuit ...
Amazon zooms in on central Mexico for large new warehouse
Amazon.com Inc is scouting for land in central Mexico for a fourth distribution center in the country, sources said, aiming at a bigger slice of the burgeoning ...
Google's Pixel 3 camera rewrites photo rules with nifty new tricks
Every digital camera is flawed. Image sensors can't capture light perfectly, lenses distort scenery, and photos so often seem blah compared with what you remember ...
Getting Stronger Is All About Strengthening Your Weaknesses
There's strength in being strong enough to admit your weaknesses. After all, we all have areas in which we excel, and others in which we could use a little work. If ...
Novel Pogo-Pin Socket Design for Automated Linearity Testing
A novel pogo-pin block array and corresponding motorized test socket has been designed to stimulate the MCM and acquire full functional test data.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Tesla secures Shanghai site for $2 billion China Gigafactory
Tesla Inc has signed an agreement with the Shanghai government for an 860,000 square meter plot of land to build its first overseas Gigafactory, the electric carmaker ...
Drone Batteries Receive Attention
Optimizing the performance of lithium batteries for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) has become an important goal for researchers at Argonne National Laboratory. ...
Design News
Self-Driving Vehicles: From Prototypes to Commercial Success
From real estate and jobs to insurance and law enforcement, no digital application will have more far-reaching consequences than self-driving cars and trucks.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Uber considers minority investors for self-driving car unit: FT
Uber Technologies Inc is considering selling minority stakes in its costly self-driving car unit as the ride-hailing company tries to address rising cost pressures ...
China recruiting engineering talent in Taiwan IC design industry
Senior engineers and executives at Taiwan-based IC design houses are being targeted by China-based firms looking to enhance their homegrown technology capability. HP ...
Oct 23, 2018: International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference
Oct 23, 2018: Oregon Chapter: Reflow Process Optimization Utilizing a Novel Defocused Laser for Fine Pitch Applications +
Oct 25, 2018: Free Cleaning Webinar - DI-water vs Chemistry
Oct 29, 2018: Failure and Yield Analysis Short Course (Singapore)
Nov 5, 2018: 2nd Annual China Forum Workshop
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
What is the main ingredient in glass?
See answer below.
Conformal Coating in Low Humidity Environments
Whereas conformal coating is excellent for high humidity protection - is there any performance impact when subjected to very low humidity environments?
Responses by:
Doug Dixon, Global Marketing Director, Henkel Electronics
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Chris Palin, European Manager, HumiSeal
Mahendra Gandhi, SME - PWB Technologies, Northrop Grumman
Doug Pauls, Principal Materials and Process Engineer, Rockwell Collins
Richard D. Stadem, Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
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KYZEN awarded for AQUANOX® A4625 at SMTAI
YXLON International Wins Two Global Technology Awards
AIM's Timothy O'Neill to Present at the SMTA Atlanta Meetin
KIC Awarded for Smart Factory Starter Kit at SMTAI
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WKK Awarded Best Asian Distributor of Global Technology Award Program
Nathan Trotter's SAC 305 Solder Bar Receives Global Technology Award
Data I/O Wins Fourth Award for Universal Flash Storage Support on LumenX
Computrol receives Global Tech Award for contract manufacturing services
Yamaha Total Line Installation at Nidec UK
Largest façade installed w/ organic photovoltaics in port of Duisburg
Nano Dimension partners with Accucode to meet demand for DragonFLy Pro
CWIEME to hold Americas relaunch event November 15, 2018
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Test Your Knowledge Answer
What is the main ingredient in glass?
Answer: Silica, in the form of sand. Only sand of exceptional purity can be used to make glass. If the sand contains a trace of iron, for instance, the glass made with it will have a greenish color.