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Dec 15, 2017
IBM Quantum Woos Fortune 500
Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and national research labs are signing up to use IBM's quantum computers -- called IBM Q -- hosted in the cloud. JPMorgan Chase, Daimler AG, Samsung, JSR Corp., Barclays, Hitachi Metals, Honda, Nagase, Keio University, Oak Ridge National Lab, Oxford University and University of Melbourne are the first commercial members of the IBM Q cloud based ...
EE Times
Google Brain co-founder teams with Foxconn to bring AI to factories
Andrew Ng, co-founder of some of Alphabet Inc -owned Google's most prominent artificial intelligence projects, on Thursday launches a new venture with iPhone assembler ...
U.S. regulators ditch net neutrality rules as legal battles loom
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal landmark 2015 rules aimed at ensuring a free and open internet, setting ...
DRAM Market to Post Record Growth in Q4
Strong demand from data center servers and mobile products has driven tight supply and upward price pressure on server and mobile DRAMs throughout 2017. ...
EPS News
How Artificial Intelligence Will Personalize How We Work
Artificial intelligence in the workplace is here to stay. However, as enterprise technologies continue to develop and evolve, we must understand how AI will affect ...
Tips When Moving a Reflow Oven
After moving a reflow oven to a different site, what steps do you need to perform on the machine for the machine to be certified? The Assembly Brothers, Jim Hall ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Your Business Rises and Falls on Customer Experience
To paraphrase something Steve Jobs once said, you have to start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology if you're looking to sell $8 or $10 ...
Engineering for Privacy Requires Standards
Common sense guidelines and standards are needed to help engineers create products that respect privacy and give users the rights to their own data. Companies across ...
EE Times
Reflow Causing Warp
We have a 20 layer PWB that bows during reflow. What can be done prior to reflow, during reflow, or post reflow, to prevent warping?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Intel Takes On AI
The Intel brands is synonymous with the computer chips attested to by the "Intel Inside" tag on hardware. But the company is adapting to today's computing demands ...
AOL Instant Messenger Made Social Media What It Is Today
It's the year 2000, I'm just about eight years old, and it's my first day on AOL Instant Messenger. My fingers move clumsily across the plastic keyboard as I try ...
MIT Technology Review
Low Cost and High Pin Count Wafer Level Packaging
Reliability improvement at low cost is achieved using plastic core balls at selected ball locations. A daisy chain WLP is the test vehicle.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Auto Industry Updates Guidance on Sustainability in the Supply Chain
The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) and Drive Sustainability today announced an updated version of the "Automotive Industry Guiding Principles to Enhance ...
EPS News
All-screen smartphones help ease handset panel oversupply
The growing popularity of all-screen smartphones is playing a role in easing global oversupply of handset displays, as the production of 18:9 panels will consume ...
How Many of These 14 Common Negotiating Mistakes Do You Make?
Much of business -- and life -- is about negotiation. We need to be able to find common ground to make connections, work together and sell to one another. That's why ...
50% of PV supply chain makers to be forced out in 5 years, says LONGi president
Technological innovations hs been changing the PV industry, resulting in inevitable consolidation that will see 50% of its supply chain makers globally forced out ...
How to Build an Electromagnetic Levitation Device
Need to take some weight off? With some circuitry know-how, a magnet, and a Hall Effect sensor you can build you own electromagnetic levitation device "Do not levitate ...
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Press Releases
Henkel Celebrates Award Win, Successful Debate Appearance at Productronica
Alpha to Showcase Latest Products at Internepcon Japan
Wankel engine opens doors to new target groups
Sono-Tek Appoints Applications Engineer for Electronics/Advanced Energy Div
Ersa to Hold Versaflow 3 Maintenance Training Course in Mexico
Leti Will Demonstrate First 3D Anti-Crash Solution for Embedding in Drones
Record Revenue and Earnings: ZEISS Continues Growth Trajectory
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Cleaning Tin-lead and Lead-free Boards
We are creating our first lead-free SMT assembly line and have new equipment for this area and expect low volume to start. We had not planned on buying new board cleaning ...
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Brian Smith, General Manager - Electronic Assembly Americas, DEK International
Dr. Harald Wack, Executive Vice President and CEO, Zestron America
Mike Konrad, President, Aqueous Technologies
Dr. Craig D. Hillman, CEO & Managing Partner, DfR Solutions
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation

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