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August 12, 2020
Lack of ADAS Benchmarks Is Haunting Car Industry
How safe is "safe enough"? That's the nagging question that lurked in every discussion of fully autonomous vehicles. Many auto companies pushed their AV plans to the back burner, and seemingly pushed off the question too. But now, with advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) serving as the preferred autonomous technology throughout the auto industry, that question is reasserting itself. The AAA ...
EE Times
Hon Hai reportedly gearing up for 2020 iPhone production in Zhengzhou
Taiwan-based manufacturing giant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. has stepped up its efforts to recruit new workers at its factory in Zhengzhou, China, the main plant ...
Focus Taiwan
Integrating Automated Storage Systems to Facilitate Industry 4.0
A requirement of Industry 4.0 is that all machines, systems, and software be in close communication. The Component Storage Systems, heart of the Automated Warehouse ...
Technical Paper
SMD Package for Rad-Hard Power Electronics
Anchoring surface mount components (SMD package) to PCBs is a challenge. All too often, different thermal coefficients lead to an expansion misalignment of ...
EE Times
Selective Solder Nozzle Technology for Reduced Dross and Solder Balls
Artificial Intelligence: How far can you go?
Thermal Control for Big Data
When to Request a Custom Reflow Profile
Integrating Automated Storage Systems to Facilitate Industry 4.0
Is Your Dry Storage J-Standard Compliant?
The Best Alternative to Dispensed Adhesives for SMT Assembly
Reliable void detection with fast inline X-Ray inspection
Concerns Mount that H1-B Restrictions Will Impede Growth
On 22 June, the White House presented the new restrictions on the so-called H1-B Visa in the United States. The H1-B category is typically used for experienced workers ...
EE Times
The Pandemic Economy Has Made Ecommerce More Indispensable Than Ever
If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then large orders can propel your business a hundred steps forward. All businesses will eventually have a ...
New 5G opportunities coming with mid-band radio frequencies
In context: One of the most confusing parts of new 5G cellular networks is recognizing that not all 5G is the same. In fact, it's not even close. There are actually multiple ...
Tim Cook joins the billionaire club as Apple approaches $2 trillion market cap
Apple CEO Tim Cook now has a net worth north of $1 billion, putting him in the rather exclusive "10-figure net worth club." But for Cook, the accomplishment is even ...
The iPhone 12 feature that could help convince millions of people to upgrade their phones
Apple has long been expected to debut a batch of 5G-enabled iPhones this fall. Now it appears all of the company's new phone releases this year may be able to connect ...
Reflow For Rigid Flex
We have a new PCB assembly that includes a section of flex cable and FR4 circuit board. What are the reflow rules I need to consider? Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, the ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch
Google Maps will soon return to the Apple Watch after suddenly disappearing three years ago. The new app, which includes step-by-step directions and estimated ...
Google turns Android phones into earthquake sensors; California to get alerts
Alphabet Inc's Google's Android phones started detecting earthquakes around the world to provide data that could eventually give billions of users precious seconds ...
Influence of Copper Conductor Surface Treatment for High Frequency PCB
Paper provides results of adhesion performance and electrical properties using certain types of dielectric material for high frequency PCBs.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Is additive manufacturing the missing link in your supply chain?
It is no exaggeration to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. From a personal perspective, it has impacted on our ability to move about freely ...
TCT Magazine
China sends fighter jets as U.S. health chief visits Taiwan
Chinese air force jets briefly crossed the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait and were tracked by Taiwanese missiles, Taiwan's government said, as U.S. health chief Alex Azar ...
Electronics supply chains are stuck between a pandemic and a trade war. Where do they go from here?
This year has been an uphill battle for the electronics sector. A March McKinsey study cautioned that electronics companies could stock out by April due to coronavirus ...
Supply Chain Dive
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Soldering Components with Silver Pads
We need to attach a component to a PCB. The component has silver pads. Our normal process is to use a reflow oven. We are concerned that silver will leach ...
Responses by:
Richard D. Stadem
Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics
David Bao
Director New Product Development, Metallic Resources, Inc
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Kay Parker
Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Kishan Sarjoo
Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Tony Lentz
Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Gerard O'Brien
President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
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RelianceCM Installs New Juki Line
Juki Automation Systems (JAS), Inc. is pleased to announce RelianceCM has installed a new Juki line at its contract manufacturing lab in Corvallis, OR. The sale was liaised ...
Juki Automation Systems
Indium Corporation Expert to Participate in Voiding Panel
Indium Corporation's Chris Nash, Product Manager, PCB Assembly Materials, will participate in a Global SMT & Packaging voiding panel on Tuesday, Sept. 8 ...
Indium Corporation
Illinois Capacitor Extends Low-ESR, Low-Cost DGH Capacitor Series
Seika Machinery Robotics Can Help Add Automation to Your Process
VisiConsult ensures sustainable success with dual leadership
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