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February 15, 2019
Quantum Computers On The Horizon
Since 1965, Moore's law has served as a roadmap for the chip manufacturing industry, which for decades has kept pace with the original dictum of doubling the number of transistors on a chip every one to two years. However, as we approach the physical limits of miniaturization, it is becoming increasingly clear that a new computing paradigm is needed. For IBM, getting to 'more than Moore'  ...
Asian Scientist
VIEWPOINT 2019: Reza Meshgin, CEO, Multek
2018 was a landmark year for Multek. We were acquired by our new parent company DSBJ, started a year-long celebration of our 40th anniversary, and received more "green" ratings from the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) in Guangzhou, China, than all other PCB companies combined. Each of these milestones laid ...
Ten Ways to Find Counterfeit Components Using X-Ray
The influx of counterfeit electronic components in our supply chain is an ever-increasing threat to our economy. Learn how to use x-ray inspection to find counterfeit ...
Technical Paper
America's fight with Huawei is messing with the world's 5G plans
The US-led offensive against Chinese tech firm Huawei is creating big problems for mobile operators as they start building the next generation of wireless ...
Assembling High Current Heavy Copper PCBs
Heat Flow in Reflow
Characteristics of EPIG Deposits for Fine Line Applications
Next-Gen, High-Temp Capable Underfill
3D MRS Sensor Technology for Challenging Measurement & Inspection
Solving Problems Before They Occur in PCB Design to Manufacture
Using Vias to Improve PCB Density
Improving Quality with Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning
Samsung says expects $4 billion in Indian sales of new smartphone range
Samsung Electronics expects a new range of smartphones it will launch in India in the first half of this year to generate sales of $4 billion in 2019, a senior ...
Feeling unwelcome, Amazon ditches plans for New York hub
Amazon.com Inc abruptly scrapped plans to build a major outpost in New York that could have created 25,000 jobs, blaming opposition from local leaders upset by ...
Achieve Your Dreams With This One, Very Simple Thing
In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Mike Phillips talks about how to make your dreams and passions a reality. You can do so by doing just one thing: Taking ...
Open Source Hardware Benefits Procurement Practices
Electronics engineers and designers will enjoy a variety of benefits of the advent of processor options based the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). The ...
U.S.-China Trade Teams Far Apart on Reform Demands, Sources Say
The U.S. and China have made little progress so far during trade talks in Beijing, leaving much work to be done before President Donald Trump and his counterpart ...
Dust contamination after selective soldering
We have discovered an extremely fine, low density "dust" of dross on PCB surfaces after selective soldering. The dross is difficult to see without careful examination ...
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Huawei is crushing Apple in China, and the US is partly to blame
Huawei smartphones are killing the iPhone in China. Demand for the Chinese tech company's devices is red hot even though the country's overall market for ...
Asian markets pause from strong run with U.S.-China trade talks in focus
Asian stocks mostly paused on Thursday as China and the U.S. kicked off two days of trade negotiations in Beijing. Regional indexes have advanced for three ...
Market Watch
3D Printed Food
Researchers have built a platform that uses 3D printing to create food microstructures that allow food texture and body absorption to be customized.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Apple to ship iPhones with only Qualcomm chips to German stores
Apple Inc said Thursday that it will resume selling older iPhone models in its stores in Germany, where they were banned last year due to a patent infringement ...
Taking the guesswork out of being human
Artificial intelligence is set to transform the way we live but we will need to add some creativity and wisdom to how it's used and deployed, argues Rudy Lauwereins ...
New Electronics
Man vs machine: China's workforce starting to feel the strain from threat of robotic automation
Migrant worker Xia Xiaobo is the face of China's new unemployment class: those displaced by automation. Xia, age 34, quit his job at a Japanese-owned electronics ...
South China Morning Post
The Paradox Of Automotive Electronics
There is a huge problem brewing in the automotive world. Automakers are demanding quality parts, but they're using methods and strategies developed in the steel age ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Feb 15, 2019: Space Coast (Melbourne FL) Chapter: 2019 Winter Golf Classic
Feb 18, 2019: CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar Process Integration
Feb 19, 2019: SMTA Webinar: BGA Reballing- Theory and Hands On
Feb 21, 2019: Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum
Mar 19, 2019: Dallas Expo & Tech Forum
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Problems With Large Voids
I work at a very fast paced quick turn prototype house. Recently we had large voids on a 30mm x 30mm QFN Module. The voids were 50%-75%. Every single board failed. I saw all of the solder paste ...
Responses by:
Georgian Simion
Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Bill Coleman
Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Demetrius Chrysostomou
Director of Technology, PVA TePla
Leo Lambert
Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Kay Parker
Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Fritz Byle
Process Engineer, Astronautics
Kevin Pigeon
Senior Applications Manager, AIM Solder
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Dust contamination after selective soldering
Reusing recovered solder paste
Cleaning Under Low Clearance Components
AIM Introduces New CX18 and RX18 No Clean Cored Wire Solder
AIM Solder is pleased to announce the introduction of CX18 and RX18 no clean cored wire solders, designed to offer excellent soldering results with all lead-free alloys ...
AIM Solder
Thermaltronics Introduces New Sample Program Offering Free Trials
Indium Features Unique Metal Thermal Interface Materials at Semi-Therm
Gannon & Scott Marks One Century of Metals Refining Success
SMTA Announces 2019 Certification Program Offerings
CollabraTech Launches Direct Controller Replacement Solution
Technical Manufacturing Corporation is 'Murphy's Monday Manufacturer'
Advanced Component Testing's ISO 17025 Accreditation Covers AS6171 Methods
Creative Electron Make a Big Impression at APEX
IPC APEX EXPO 2019 - Where Technology's Future Came Together
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