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May 26, 2017
Can We Quantify Machine Consciousness?
Artificial intelligence might endow some computers with self-awareness. Here's how we'd know. Imagine that at some time in the not-too-distant future, you've bought a smartphone that comes bundled with a personal digital assistant (PDA) living in the cloud. You assign a sexy female voice to the PDA and give it access to all of your emails, social media accounts, calendar, photo album ...
IEEE Spectrum
China's Lenovo returns to profit as supply shortages extend to batteries
China's Lenovo Group Ltd reported a return to profit on Thursday but said rising component prices could pressure its bottom line this year as supply shortages extend ...
Billionaire Slim eyeing electric taxi to reduce pollution in Mexico City
Giant Motors, an automaker partially owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, is working on a prototype electric taxi to replace the gas-guzzling cabs polluting Mexico City's ...
MEMS Sensors Help Safeguard Passengers
Beyond typical applications like airbags and advanced driver-assistance systems, inertial MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers can enable a range of automotive ...
Electronic Design
AlphaGo Wins Again
Once again, artificial intelligence triumphed over man. In the second match of a three-game series, Google's DeepMind AlphaGo program beat the 19-year-old Chinese prodigy ...
The New York Times
Chip Design Takes on Functional Safety
To design chips meeting Functional Safety requirements is no cakewalk. What designers need is an automated end-to-end flow to take the guesswork out of Functional ...
EE Times
Issues With Fillets on Via Holes?
During wave solder some of the vias have concave fillets giving them a dimple effect. What can we do to create flatter fillets on via holes? The Assembly Brothers ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
11 Unexpected Things That Are Stealing Your Sleep
From the moon to your marital status, here at some zzz's disruptors. Without sleep, your health -- both mental and physical -- as well as your ability to focus ...
What Self-Driving Cars See
Giant tech companies are fighting over the technology in court. Start-ups around the world are racing to develop new versions of it. And engineers say it is ...
The New York Times
Environment Impact on Assembly, Printing and Reflow
Is particle count a good parameter to control? How can having high particle concentrations affect our PCB assembly process or reflow process?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Make Way for Digital, On-Demand & Always-On Supply Chains
The evolution of the supply chain requires the adoption and adaptation of its leaders to the emerging technologies that are revolutionizing the way supply chains ...
6 Tips to Help You Follow Through on Your Goals
In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri breaks down how to gain some consistency with your creative output. The more consistently you have ...
Process Control of Ionic Contamination in Assembly of Electronic Circuits
This paper reviews a testing protocol based on IPC-TM 650 2.3.25 to enable monitoring of ionic contamination within series production.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Register That Risk & Save the Supply Chain
Green. Yellow. Red. These iconic and familiar colors and their associated messages of proceed, caution, and stop are ingrained in our behaviors from a very young ...
Big Data Reshapes Silicon
The huge data sets collected by web giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook are fueling a renaissance of new chips to process them. Two of the latest efforts ...
EE Times
Meet the Most Nimble-Fingered Robot Yet
A dexterous multi-fingered robot practiced using virtual objects in a simulated world, showing how machine learning and the cloud could revolutionize manual work ...
MIT Technology Review
Shipments of 18:9 smartphone panels to surge in 2H17
In view of fast growing demand for 18:9 all-screen displays from smartphone vendors, panel makers will expand production of such panels in the second half ...
Who's Who in 3D Printing Electronics
We've seen the strides made by 3D printing in the automotive and aerospace industries. Now, it's setting its sights on electronics using new materials and ...
Machine Design
Press Releases
Europlacer Appoints Ste.Al.Tech in Italy
ChipVORX® technology extended on Intel® MAX® 10 FPGAs
Ersa to Focus on High Precision & Safety Rework Requirements at SMTA Empire
Jabil Earns Recognition as John Deere Partner-Level Supplier
PDR Americas Debuts Enhanced IR-E3G Gold Rework System
Koh Young Highlights Latest Technology at SMT Hybrid Packaging Show
Lord adds Ellsworth Adhesives to team
ASM Assembly Systems Hosts Successful S. California E by SIPLACE Roadshow
Sundance places EMC2 hardware into public domain, project is a success
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Stencil Pattern for Thermal Pads on QFNs
We need more information regarding the stencil pattern for thermal pads on QFNs. We know why it is important to "mesh" but need more info regarding what is best aperture size, number ...
Responses by:
Kishan Sarjoo, Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Georgian Simion, Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Tony Lentz, Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Stephanie Nash, Director, Integrated Ideas & Technologies, Inc.
Brien Bush, Manufacturing Applications Specialist, Cirtronics Corp.
Bill Coleman, Vice President Technology, Photo Stencil
Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect
Gary Freedman, President, Colab Engineering
Eric Bastow, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation

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