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Jul 24, 2017
University in China apologises after students forced to do internships at Foxconn
A university in northern China has issued a public apology after it was accused of forcing students to do internships at the electronics manufacturer Foxconn. ...
South China Morning Post
Elon Musk Sounds Alarm on AI
Founder of Tesla and SpaceX says it's imperative that society regulate the advance of artificial intelligence. No longer a sci-fi novelty, artificial intelligence ...
EE Times
Unhackable Quantum Networks Take to Space
The dream of a space-based, nigh-unhackable quantum Internet may now be closer to reality, thanks to new experiments with Chinese and European satellites. Quantum physics ...
IEEE Spectrum
Wearable players seeking measures as sales remain weak
Wearable players originally had high expectations about emerging IT applications, but several have started changing their strategies as most are seeing weak sales ...
Made in China 2025: Who Cares?
Among all nations, there is no current contender for China's title as "The World's Factory." Recognized as a prominent destination for offshore production, China took upon itself to manufacture practically every popular high-tech product -- from iPhones to flat panel displays, solar panels and wearable devices. But in recent years, scholars, consultancies, market research firms, and above all, the Chinese government itself, have begun to question the durability of China's global lead in manufacturing ...
EE Times
Industrial Robots Transform Manufacturing Floor & Workforce
The advent of industrial robots is changing the way manufacturing is being done. The debate rages about whether the impact is more positive or negative, of course ...
Robots Learn to Speak Body Language
If your friend says she feels relaxed, but you see that her fists are clenched, you may doubt her sincerity. Robots, on the other hand, might take her word for it. ...
IEEE Spectrum
What to Expect from Artificial Intelligence
The interest in AI is triggering a variety of reactions from excitement about how it will augment human labor to trepidation about how it will eliminate jobs.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Testing the Internet of Things
That tsunami of new IoT gadgets? They all have to be tested before they roll out into the world, not only to meet government regulations but to verify adherence ...
IEEE Spectrum
Lyft is developing its own self-driving technology
Few would disagree that autonomous driving is the future of ground-based transportation; it's all just a matter of how quickly we get there and who develops the ...
Mechanical Behavior of Bi-Containing Pb-Frees
The objective of this research was to characterize the mechanical metallurgy of alternative solder alloys for high-reliability applications.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
These 6 Efficiency Tips Will Help You Decide Which Problems to Tackle
The demands of running a business are well-known, and the stressors well-documented: ulcers, anxiety attacks, depression, and that's just to start. I launched ...
Qualification of Thin Form Factor PWBs
Paper presents qualification testing of thin PWBs for warpage, cross section, shear testing, and more for long-term reliability.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Google Glass is Back, With a Focus on Enterprise
After halting sales of Google Glass in 2015, Google's parent company, Alphabet, has announced it will be re-releasing the headset, this time with a target toward ...
Design News
Chip demand for data centers to boom in China
With China's local governments looking to set up data centers, chip demand for data centers locally is set to surge, according to industry sources. Meanwhile, as data ...
5 Progressive Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity
In the business world, it can be tough to find that perfect balance and achieve optimum productivity. The day often turns out much differently than it was planned ...
The Amazon Effect: Future of Electronics Distribution is Marketplace Model
While many distributors are still struggling to move their businesses online, a new player has arrived and is making a lot of noise. Amazon's business to business ...
Intel has reportedly shuttered its wearables division
Intel is getting out of the wearables market and will instead focus on augmented reality. That's according to a report by CNBC, which cites "a person familiar with ...
iPhone manufacturers join Apple in Qualcomm legal spat
Apple allies are joining the company's court battle against chipmaker Qualcomm. Four iPhone manufacturers have filed a suit against Qualcomm, alleging it used its ...
Press Releases
New Metcal HTD Tips & Hand-piece Increase Throughput and Save Money
Indium Corporation to Host Technology Seminar in Taiwan Hsinchu
SMTA Welcomes New Board Members
Mycronic has received amultiple SMT equipment order from US customer
Epec Now Offering PCB Layout and Design Services
Bay Area Circuits' PCBs Provides Support to Collegiate Solar Vehicle Teams
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What is the positive electrode of a battery called?
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RoHS tantalum capacitors burning during functional test
We manufacturing RoHS boards with SAC305 solder paste for a customer. During the functional test, many tantalum capacitors (RoHS ready) burn and carbonize. Our reflow peak on the capacitor ...
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What is the positive electrode of a battery called?
Answer: When the cell is being charged, the anode becomes the positive (+) and the cathode the negative (−) electrode. When the cell is being discharged, it behaves like a primary cell, with the anode as the negative and the cathode as the positive electrode.