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July 17, 2018
Darpa Plans a Major Remake of U.S. Electronics
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is launching a huge expansion of its Electronics Resurgence Initiative, boosting the program to US $1.5 billion over five years. And while some of the research efforts will be just what you've come to expect from the agency that brought you disposable drones, self-driving cars, and cameras that can see around corners, a lot of this new money ...
IEEE Spectrum
Component Shortages Give OEMs Cold Feet on Inventory Commitments
There is little about the "Great Component Shortage of 2018" that hasn't already been thoroughly analyzed. Unprecedented demand for smaller and more efficient ...
Conformal Coatings Vs Encapsulation Resins - which do I choose?
In this paper we discuss the basic differences between Conformal Coatings & Encapsulation Resins and provide the pro's and con's of the different properties.
Technical Paper
Counterfeit Reports Fell in 2017; 2018 Trend Unclear
Incidents of counterfeit electronic components dropped dramatically in 2017, according to ERAI Inc., a global organization that monitors, investigates, and ...
EPS News
Guide to CCD-Based Imaging Colorimeters
Why Jobs Go On Hold
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
Automated Visual Inspection and Correction (Demura) of OLED Displays
Implementing High-Volume, High-Performance Selective Soldering
RoHS: 10 Years Later -- IT Equipment Corrosion Issues Remain
When Machine Vision Inspection Comes Up Short: Is 'Almost' Defect-Free Enough?
Enhancing the Quality of Your Selective Soldering Process
Configuration control and second sourcing
I once designed something using an 8-bit D/A converter that was being sold by Signetics. For one long-forgotten reason or another, I used the part at some variance from ...
AI will create as many jobs as it displaces
Artificial Intelligence (AI) will create as many jobs in the UK as it will displace over the next 20 years, a report has said. The analysis, by accountancy giant ...
BBC News
Power to the drones: utilities place bets on robots
Flying robots that can travel dozens of kilometers without stopping could be the next big thing for power companies. Utilities in Europe are looking to long-distance ...
UK Government Rates 29 Technology Projects on Likelihood of Success
The controversial Universal Credit program to roll six benefits payments into one received an amber rating. The UK Infrastructure and Projects Authority's annual ...
IEEE Spectrum
The Sorry State of 'Sorry'
Anyone who knows me understands my management style is predicated on unconditional love. We need to provide people with a safe place where they can grow, try new hings ...
Strain Measuring Technology in Board Level Assembly Process
The study on strain measurement has just started, and there are still many unsolved puzzles, whether about strain gage selection or about measurement methodology.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
The cameras that know if you're happy - or a threat
Facial recognition tech is becoming more sophisticated, with some firms claiming it can even read our emotions and detect suspicious behaviour. But what implications ...
BBC News
Funding for Advanced Battery Research Hangs in Balance
National laboratories and universities are making progress in the research to move beyond lithium ion batteries, but their scientific breakthroughs will continue only ...
Design News
Ultra Low Profile Copper Foil for Very Low Loss Material
A new almost no profile copper foil has been developed to achieve this property while maintaining a good adhesion with low loss resins.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Gartner Identifies Three Steps to Effectively Execute a Customer Journey Map
Customer journey maps are a critical component of many organizations' customer experience (CX) framework, however, almost one-third of organizations still face ...
Meet Oasis Labs, the blockchain startup Silicon Valley is buzzing about
Blockchain computer programs are pretty smart--that's why we call them smart contracts--but they're also pretty weak. If they're going to achieve many of the lofty, ...
MIT Technology Review
ZTE, Tariffs, and a Chip Strategy
For all its drama, the Trump presidency could have less impact on the U.S. semiconductor industry than the cadre of dedicated government workers who survive the ...
EE Times
Jul 16, 2018: Webinar: Solder Ball Elimination -- In Wave, Selective & Reflow
Jul 17, 2018: SMTA Webtorial: Fan Out Packaging -- Technology Overview and Evolution
Jul 17, 2018: SMT Processes Certification
Jul 19, 2018: Rocky Mountain (Colorado) Chapter: Business After Hours
Jul 26, 2018: Free Cleaning Webinar - Cleaning for Reliability - Overcoming Challenges for Class III Assemblies
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Improve DPPM for Wave Soldering Using Nitrogen
We are wave soldering complex boards with 3000+ components using OSP finish and SAC305 alloy. Our current Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) level for soldering is 400-500 and for solder ...
Responses by:
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Mahendra Gandhi, SME - PWB Technologies, Northrop Grumman
Gerard O'Brien, President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
Gregory Arslanian, Global Segment Manager, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
Greg York, Technical Sales Manager, BLT Circuit Services Ltd
Jerry Karp, President, JSK Associates
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Two Part Epoxy Adhesive for Structural Bonding Features Long Pot Life
Master Bond EP21ND-LP was created for structural bonding applications involving large surface areas. It has an advantageously long working life of 2-4 hours at 75°F ...
Master Bond
Industry Veteran Joins Creative Electron
IPC Releases 2018 Quality Benchmark Study for Electronics Assembly
What's New in Electronics Live - Bringing the world of electronics together
CML expands its PMR/LMR product line up with CML's Sicomm Technologies
Connect Group Selects Aegis Software's FactoryLogix MES Platform
Altus to Expand with New Head Quarters
Libra Industries partners with CoPro Technologies
Premium SIPLACE TX platform features major improvements
New Yorker Electronics to Release New Film Capacitors
Epec Partners with Wounded Warrior Project
atg Luther & Maelzer extended its range of Flying Probe Test Systems
Nanotron and DecaWave sign deal for next-gen micro-location technologies
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