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April 21, 2015
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Test Your Knowledge
What year did Time magazine name the computer its "Man of the Year"?
See answer below.
What Year Was It?
Rome Founded
Rome Founded
According to tradition, Romulus and his twin brother, Remus, found Rome on the site where they were suckled by a she-wolf as orphaned infants.

The day was Apr 21. What year was it?
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"I have some paperwork to catch up. If I'm not back in two days, organize a search and rescue team!"
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Top Story
The Next-Generation of Responsible Supply Chains
A few years ago, changing consumer perceptions shaped the first socially responsible supply chain management practices. Those initial concepts, meant to demonstrate ...
Industry News
Why the Apple Watch might be Apple’s most profitable product ever
For a long time, Apple has made ungodly sums of money from the iPhone, which has traditionally been its most profitable product. However, the launch of the Apple Watch ...
Industrial electronics Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity
As a major electronics original design manufacturing (ODM) destination for computers, communication products, consumer electronics and related components to the world ...
Venture Outsource
50 Years of Moore's Law: Fun facts, a timeline infographic and Gordon's own thoughts
"Moore's law" is the famous observation made by Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor, on an article published in Electronics magazine 50 ...
Developing a New Lead-Free Alloy
This paper discusses the process for development of a new lead-free alloy for high reliability, high temperature applications.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
How Do You Build Resilience?
This past winter, I didn't wear a coat. It's not that the cold didn't bother me; the idea wasn't to ignore the temperature. Instead, the idea was to build ...
Is Formal Verification Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial intelligence or not, formal verification is a technology that has become a must-have in the modern verification flow. I recently started reading ...
EE Times
4 Tech Solutions That Are Also Problems When Managing Employees
Jane has always tried to be a manager who embraces the new ideas instead of relying on the "way it's always been done." She typically feels technology is her saving grace ...
Challenges for Bottom Termination Components
Complex components designed to keep up with the demand for electronics with ever-expanding capabilities are challenging the performance of traditional solder pastes.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Product Designers’ Shotgun Wedding to Supply Chain
For 20 years, consultants (I among them) have attempted to wed product companies' Design functions to the Supply-Chain side of the business. We've educated executives ...
Technology Forecasters
Top 10 3D Printing Projects on Kickstarter
From home enthusiasts to workers on the manufacturing floor, everyone's imagination is captured by the potential of 3D printing. Prototyping, spare parts creation, art ...
Managing Risk Along the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain
Most of us have experienced that sense of alarm or disbelief when we see the reporting on the severity of the California drought. How could such a vibrant ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies
Simple Test for Flux Penetration
What is a good test for flux penetration through plated hole barrels on plated through hole circuit boards? The Assembly Brothers offer a simple method.
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
IBM Earnings: What To Watch
International Business Machines Corp is scheduled to report its financial results for the first quarter ended in March, after the market closes Monday. Here's what you ...
The Wall Street Journal
IBM Venture With China Stirs Concerns
Shen Changxiang, who once supervised the cybersecurity of China's strategic missile arsenal and spearheaded computer security research for the navy, has warned ...
The New York Times
Prescriptive Analytics Creates Healthier Supply Chain
The traditional supply chain and the supply chain management function are being morphed into an integrated value chain. This optimization makes up for a more efficient ...
3.75 billion Wi-Fi connected devices will be shipped worldwide by 2019
Driven by flourishing demand for smartphones and IoT (Internet of Things), global shipment volume of Wi-Fi connected devices reached around 2.27 billion units ...
When Blueprints Were Really Blue: Is Engineering Becoming Less Satisfying?
Back then, working as a professional EE was like being a home hobbyist on steroids. Much of what we did, at least on the hardware side, wasn't too far removed from ...
EE Times
Press Releases Submit
Ellsworth Adhesives Europe now taking orders for new Dymax BlueWave QX4
Indium’s Jensen, Durham Named Co-Editors of Advancing Microelectronics
Cogiscan Announces Corporate Agreement with Asteelflash
Cytec Elects Dr. Carmelo Lo Faro as Chief Technology Officer
Engineered Material Systems Introduces New 535-11M-7 UV Cure Adhesive
Haydon Kerk(TM) Motion Solutions Supports Insulin Pump Market
Newly constructed Nozzle Magazine for SIPLACE 7xx/9xx Nozzles
Great Lakes Engineering Announces Temperature-Stable Solder Paste
Integration Alliance. Now Represents Scienscope’s X-ray Division in Canada
Ventec-USA appoints Doug McBride as Technical Support Specialist
JOT M10 Six Slider provides maximal software loading capacity
Alternative traction drives for electric vehicles unveiled at CWIEME Berlin
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
Bottom Terminated Components and Vias
Should the thermal vias of bottom terminated components be tented on both sides to prevent flux trapping and solder wicking, or is it sufficient ...
  Responses by:
  Kathy Nargi-Toth, Director Quality and Technology, NCAB Group USA
  Eric Bastow, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
  Robert "Bob" Lazzara, President, Circuit Connect, Inc.
  Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect
  Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
  Gerard O'Brien, President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
Wave Soldering System Nitrogen Use
BGA Component Moisture Exposure
Profiling for Double Sided BGA
White Papers Submit
Basics of Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
Five Points of Electronics Assembly
Selective Soldering - an Integral Method in Manufacturing
Reliable Soldering for high and mix selective soldering processes
Potting Electronics from Corrosive Operating Environments
Ultrafine Powder Pastes Improve Stencil Printing
Reduce ESD Susceptibility
Electronics for Military Application
Calendar Submit
Apr 20, 2015 - Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing Seminar
Apr 22, 2015 - Mid-Atlantic Design-2-Part Show
Apr 22, 2015 - Webinar - User Interface Functional Test Schemes
Apr 27, 2015 - Failure and Yield Analysis Course (Munich)
May 4, 2015 - Semiconductor Reliability Course (Munich)
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Quote of the Day
"It is often stated that of all the theories proposed in this century, the silliest is quantum theory. In fact, some say that the only thing that quantum theory has going for it is that it is unquestionably correct."
Michio Kaku
Test Your Knowledge
What year did Time magazine name the computer its "Man of the Year"?
Answer: 1982
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