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January 30, 2015
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What is the main ingredient in glass?
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Gandhi Assassinated
Gandhi Assassinated
Mohandas Karam­chand Gandhi, the political and spiritual leader of the Indian independence movement, is assassinated in New Delhi by a Hindu fanatic.

The day was Jan 30. What year was it?
Cartoon of the Day
"It's your attitude, not you aptitude that determines your altitude. That's the philosophy that got me kicked out of pilot school."
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Top Story
Writing an Obituary for Electronics Retailers
Electronic store chains lose another round to online. Where does it end? Are electronics store outlets doomed? It was indeed a merry Christmas for online retailers. Results for the season show a strong expansion of sales in the US, fueled in part by low gas prices leaving ...
Viewpoint Commentary
Gary Leong, Director, Business Development, ViTrox Technologies
Gary Leong, Director, Business Development, ViTrox Technologies
2014 is about to end soon and although this year South East Asia suffers a few major setbacks in the aviation industry and also natural disaster in certain parts of Malaysia, our economic ...
Ron Torenko, President/CEO, Torenko & Asscoates
Ron Torenko, President/CEO, Torenko & Asscoates
Torenko & Associates has always strived to be the leaders in technology. We look for new and exciting things to happen in 2015. A new nano-coating has been developed to eliminate the hassle and costs of traditional ...
Industry News
Samsung vs. Apple: Who Was No. 1?
So did Apple top Samsung Electronics in fourth-quarter smartphone shipments or didn't it? Or is it a tie, as data from one research firm suggests? Based on official ...
The Wall Street Journal
Intel says corporations buying more high-end PCs
Companies replacing older PCs are increasingly choosing ones with high-end features aimed at improved security and employee efficiency, according to a senior ...
Broadcom Flips on Future Set Tops
Broadcom is nestled in a sweet spot between traditional cable companies and newer over the top (OTT) content providers, which are both battling and enabling each other ...
EE Times
Conformal Coating In Harsh Environments
Paper studies a test protocol designed to environmentally stress conformal coatings for their ability to withstand moisture and protect from moisture-related failures.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
Graphene Becomes Magnetic and Electric at Same Time
Combining the electric with the magnetic in one material has become a hot research pursuit lately. First researchers exploited the natural properties of bismuth ...
IEEE Spectrum
What Tech Companies Are Doing to Bridge the Skills Gap
We've all heard of the skills gap by now: Companies have lots of open positions but can't find enough workers with the skills they need. The result: unemployment and ...
Voiding/Drop Test for Mixed Alloy BGA Assembly
BGAs with various alloy balls were assembled with various solder pastes. Joint strength, drop test performance and voiding performance were evaluated.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Microsoft's Bill Gates insists AI is a threat
Humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial Intelligence, Bill Gates has said. The Microsoft founder said he didn't understand people who were not ...
BBC News
F.C.C. Sharply Revises Definition of Broadband
The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday sharply revised its benchmark definition of broadband Internet service. The new definition increases download ...
The New York Times
China Further Tightens Grip on the Internet
Jing Yuechen, the founder of an Internet start-up here in the Chinese capital, has no interest in overthrowing the Communist Party. But these days she finds herself ...
The New York Times
Is Cleaning Critical to POP Assemblies?
Paper addresses the cleanliness level of package-on-package assemblies including underneath package-on-package components.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
And Now This... A Flexible Approach
Electronic circuits that can bend and flex seem to bring out the science fiction writer in many a reporter (and indeed they've been used in numerous sci-fi movies ...
IEEE Spectrum
Autonomous Vehicles Hold More Near-Term Promise for the Supply Chain Than the Road
In an episode of HBO's Silicon Valley, timid number-cruncher Jared is trapped in a driverless automobile that goes awry. Instead of taking Jared home, the car thinks ...
U.S. businesses urge China to postpone new cybersecurity policies
U.S. business lobbies have called for "urgent discussions" with the Chinese government over new cybersecurity regulations that would force technology vendors ...
Press Releases Submit
Optically Clear, Low Viscosity Epoxy from Master Bond
Indium Features NC-SMQ(R)75 Die-attach Solder Paste at Productronica China
ACE and Kintner Equipment Corp. partner for PCB Manufacturing Workshop
Speedprint Kicks Off the New Year with a New Rep in the Midwest
PDR attend Southern Manufacturing 2015
Count On Tools Inc. to Launch INSTOCK Consignment Program
MacAllister and Associates Joins A-Laser's Rep Team
Fiber Optic Center announces Greenlee Micro Crimper Power Crimp Tool Kit
Universal Holder System for Ekra Serio Retrofit
Join Metcal’s UK Team at Southern Manufacturing
SPEA exhibits at APEX 2015
Ellsworth Adhesives Europe launch online shopping facility
ClassOne Acquires Microprocess Technologies Product Lines
New spearhead of the global OEM management at Lackwerke Peters
Cytec Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results
MicroCare Corp. Highlights ‘Green’ Cleaning Innovations at IPC APEX EXPO
YINCAE Advanced Materials Presenting & Exhibiting During IPC APEX EXPO
Ask the Experts Panel  |  Submit
Soldering Lead-free Components with Tin-lead Solder
Can we solder lead free, 1500 pin BGA with Leaded (SnPb) solder? This is for a non RoHS compliant application. Are there precautions we should be aware of?
  Responses by:
  Sandip Thakor, Quality Engineer, Matrix Telecom Solution P Ltd
  Brian Smith, General Manager - Electronic Assembly Americas, DEK International
  Bryan Kerr, Principal Engineer - CMA Lab, BAE Systems
  Allen W. Duck, CEO, ATEK llc
  Karthik Vijay, Technical Manager - Europe, Indium Corp.
Which to Use - Rosin Flux or Water Soluble?
BGA Shifting During Reflow
Toe Fillet Requirements on Gull Wing Components
White Papers Submit
Counterfeit Detection, Prevention & Mitigation Training
Best Practices in Documentation
Automating Test Measurements on High Density PCBs
Measuring Tiny Solder Deposits with Accuracy and Repeatability
8 Cost Saving Steps for Your Next Design
PCB Troubleshooting - Start with the Connectors
Understanding Molecular Sieve Desiccant Technology
5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a New Cut and Strip Machine
Calendar Submit
Jan 30, 2015 - Michigan Expo & Tech Forum
Jan 30, 2015 - Capital Expo & Tech Forum
Feb 5, 2015 - Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing Seminar/San Jose, CA
Feb 9, 2015 - Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing Seminar/ Irvine, CA
Feb 10, 2015 - Webtorial: Electromigration -- The Hurdle For Miniaturization
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Quote of the Day
"That's what I consider true generosity. You give your all, and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing."
Simone de Beauvoir
Test Your Knowledge
What is the main ingredient in glass?
Answer: Sand
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