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EZ-FLO High Precision Ceramic Dispense Tips
DL Technology
The ceramic molding process allows for smaller more precise inner diameters with a glass like finish giving you the ultimate control for your micro dispense application. Learn more...
DL Technology
Top Story May 29, 2015
China's Huawei Sees Strong Smartphone Growth
China's Huawei Technologies expects total shipments of smartphones in southeast Asia to rise 160% to 8 million units in 2015, boosted by strong demand in Myanmar, it said. In the first quarter, Huawei posted a 120 percent increase in smartphone shipments in the region, one of the most promising markets in the world, Thomas Liu, President for Huawei's ...
When Failure is not an Option, You Need Kyzen Clean!
Kyzen cleaning experts are available to evaluate your total cleaning process and optimize your ability to get higher yields with great results every time. Kyzen offers free cleaning evaluations. Learn more...

Industry News
Foxconn to build supply chain financial service system
Foxconn Electronics plans to build up a financial service system for the industrial supply chain, offering loans and real time information to suppliers within the ...
Google Intensifies Focus on Its Cardboard Virtual Reality Device
Google has seen the future, and it is littered with cardboard boxes. At its Google I/O developer conference here on Thursday, the search giant announced several ...
The New York Times
Foxconn's Future Ambitions
Foxconn, Apple's major assembler, made a rare showcase of some of its new technologies and products at an expo in southwest China this week. The company, officially ...
The Wall Street Journal
Solder Paste Printer from Juki
High Speed and High Precision printer equipped with "Motion Screen" fixes printing position by moving the screen. "High-Speed Cleaning" and "Automatic Solder Dispenser" are available as an option. See video and learn more...
Juki Corporation
ASYS & EKRA--Your equipment for all your automation needs
Handling, Marking, Depaneling, Screen Printing, Final Assembly & Customized Equipment. Call us at +1 866 GO 4 ASYS to find out more about our products.
ASYS Group Americas Inc.
What Causes Wave Solder Bridging?
We are having lead bridging problems with our wave soldering system. How would you rank the likely causes and areas to investigate?
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Google Rolls Android M, IoT OS
Developers were audibly excited by the bevy of improvements and added features on the newest Android release, Android M. However Google did not deliver a next-gen ...
EE Times
IoT Security Groundswell Gathers
At least twice a week someone pings me with an idea for a guest article on how engineers must solve security problems if the Internet of Things is going to reach ...

White Discoloration After Ultrasonic Cleaning
We are using halogen free no-clean solder paste and cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaning system. After cleaning there is a white discoloration on the soldered areas.
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
As Mobile Payments Rise, Apple and Google Prepare Their Moves
The battle for mobile software dominance revolves around two companies: Apple and Google. Now both giants are also going head-to-head in mobile payments, as they ...
The New York Times
IoT Rises as New Norm for Transportation & Logistics
In the business world, seldom do you find widespread agreement on any topic. However, everyone seems to know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is important and ...
The Art of Soldering
Easy Braid
Improved Power, Perfor­mance & Reliability. Increased plating results in longer service & cost savings. Better connectivity using gold connectors. Color banding to easily differentiate tip temperature. Available for most brands of soldering irons. Learn more.
EasyBraid Co.
Electronics for military application
Electronics for military applications are expected to operate first-time, every time in some of the most varied and demanding environmental conditions known to man. Protection of electronics in these conditions is a must, read more.
Electrolube Ltd
To Achieve Your Greatest Success Answer These 3 Questions
I've seen it happen time and time again, and you probably have too. Someone we love one day, later in life, is miserable wondering why they never accomplished ...
Challenges for Step Stencil Printing
The focus of this paper is on the printing performance of step-up/step-down stencils and the paper ends up with a short outlook on 3D cavity printing.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Wooden computer chips reveal humanity's cyber elf future
Boffins have developed a biodegradable semiconductor chip made almost entirely of wood in an effort to alleviate the environmental burden of electronic devices. ...
The Register
Easy Braid

Server Shipments Grew 13% in the First Quarter of 2015, While Revenue Increased 17.9%
In the first quarter of 2015, worldwide server shipments grew 13% year over year, while revenue increased 17.9% from the first quarter of 2014, according to ...
PC Shipments Will Continue to Decline in 2015 as Windows 10 Launch Approaches and Competing Devices Continue To Pressure PC Demand
Worldwide PC shipments are expected to fall by -6.2% in 2015 according to IDC. This will be the fourth consecutive year of declining volume as the PC market continues ...
Large Board and Backplane Selective Soldering
ACE Production Technologies
With capacity to handle up to 36"x28" boards, the KISS-105IL is the largest format selective soldering system for large boards and backplanes. It can solder PCB panels up to 12mm thick weighting up to 50 lbs. Learn more...
ACE Production Technologies
STI's manufacturing lab highly skilled
Equipped with the latest in high speed placement, inspection, and test equipment. We provide contract assembly, prototype development, NIP builds, rework & repair electronics DOE, and much more. Learn more...
STI Electronics
Press Releases
Alpha to Present Technical Paper at SMTA Philadelphia Expo & Tech Forum
Alpha is participating in the upcoming SMTA Philadelphia Expo & Tech Forum both as a sponsor and technical presenter. The event will be held on June 18th ...
New Auto Electronics Materials Selector Guide Streamlines Product Selection
Dymax Corporation has released a selector guide, Light-Curable Materials for Automotive Electronics, which provides useful product information and simplifies ...
Dymax Corporation
Valtronic Purchases Zeiss CONTURA 3D Measurement
Valtronic announces the purchase of its most recent investment, a 3D measurement machine - the CONTURA from Zeiss. The system is top-rated for geometric ...
DispenseLink Controller
DL Technology
DL Technology's new DispenseLink controller now offers better performance at a better cost. Upgrade your existing platform with today's best technology. Learn more...
DL Technology
2015 IPC Certification Training Schedule
IPC Certification training schedule, new classes, new locations and all the expert training and support you need and expect. Learn more.
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Proven X-Ray Imaging Solutions
Contract Manufactures worldwide have made the X-Scope line of x-ray inspection systems their choice for proven dependability and affordability. Scienscope solutions for the inspection of BGA's and solder joint quality to meet your budget. Learn more...
Ask the Experts
Zip-lock Bags vs. Heat Sealed Bags
Are zip-lock bags vs. heat sealed bags an acceptable option for storage of moisture sensitive components?
Responses by:
Subrat Prajapati, Supplier Quality Leader, Ge Healthcare
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, Zestron America
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Rick Perkins, Chemical Engineer / Owner, Chemical Logic Inc.
Jerry Karp, President, JSK Associates

More Ask the Experts
Solder Paste Alloy Check
Water Washing Pressure
Circuit Board Exposed to Rain
Circuitnet Advertising Delivers Results!
Introduce your technology, new products or services in our daily e-mail newsletter and website to see how e-media advertising delivers results. Reach over 350,000 industry professionals with high frequency, low cost e-media advertising. Learn more...
Circuitnet LLC
Can sinter technology get easier?
With ALPHA® Argomax® 9000 Preforms sintering has never been so simple. Compatible with tape and reel and waffle packs, these preforms have superior thermal and electrical conductivity and are 100% customizable in shape. Learn more....
White Papers
Depaneling of Circuit Boards
Reduce ESD Susceptibility
Reworkable Underfill for High-Value Assemblies
Basics of Ball Grid Arrays (BGAs)
Five Points of Electronics Assembly
Selective Soldering - an Integral Method in Manufacturing
Reliable Soldering for high and mix selective soldering processes
Potting Electronics from Corrosive Operating Environments
The first-ever temperature stable solder paste
LOCTITE GC 10 is stable at 26.5°C for one year and at temperatures of up to 40°C for one month, providing benefits throughout the logistics and operations chain, while still offering unbeatable printability and reflow performance. Click here for more information.
Henkel Electronic Materials, LLC
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"Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater."
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Sunstone's C-DUS Lab Case Study
Sunstone Circuits
Sunstone helped aerospace engineer Miki Szmuk to build highly functional PCBs for small, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Sunstone offers unparalleled customer service, expertise and manufacturing capability to the PCB designer seeking to innovate and improve.
Sunstone Circuits
AUCTION SMT - Circuits Assembly Machines
DB Reklame Services
Online Auction May 28 of SMT facility incl. X-ray & visual inspection equipment Agilent and Orbotech, testing machines Teradyne & Shindenshi, chip shooters Fuji, soldering, printing & support equipment. Click to learn more.
DB Reklame Services
What Year Was It?
Mount Everst Conquered
Mount Everst Conquered
Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay, a Sherpa of Nepal, become the first explorers to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

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Quick Curing Epoxy Withstands Chemicals
Master Bond, Inc.
Master Bond EP3RRLV is a one part epoxy for high performance potting, encapsulation and underfill applications. This low viscosity adhesive withstands heat and thermal cycling as well as mechanical vibration and shock.
Master Bond
May 27, 2015: Upper Midwest Design-2-Part Show
May 27, 2015: Philadelphia Expo & Tech Forum
May 29, 2015: Upper Midwest Expo & Tech Forum
May 31, 2015: Display Week 2015
Jun 4, 2015: Huntsville Expo & Tech Forum
Reworkable Underfill for High-Value Assemblies
Want to preserve the value of high-value assemblies? Using a reworkable underfill allows the removal of faulty components without scrapping the entire assembly. But, how do you know which underfill is best and what process to use? Learn more.
Henkel Electronic Materials, LLC
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