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Top Story December 9, 2016
Purchasing Execs Bullish on 2017
Purchasing and supply management executives expect they'll be buying more from their suppliers next year as the U.S. economy continues the recovery that began in 2009. More than two-thirds -- 67% -- of manufacturing respondents to the Institute for Supply Management's (ISM) Semiannual Economic Forecast expect their 2017 revenue will exceed 2016's. The ISM's ...
Electronics Purchasing Strategies

Industry News
The Gadget Apocalypse Is Upon Us
Remember gadgets? They were little electronic things that did stuff for you. They would play music or record videos or give you directions or let you play games on ...
The New York Times
10 Hottest Electronic Supply Chain Slideshows of 2016
Everybody loves a list...and supply chain professionals are no different. Over the past year, EBN has taken a close look at the hottest topics, and the biggest ...
Russian cyberspies likely behind DNC breach move on to German election
A group of suspected Russian cyberspies blamed for interfering in the U.S. election is also attempting to influence the upcoming vote in Germany, according to the ...
Scotus Apple v. Samsung Ruling, Just the FAQs
In a nutshell, the Supreme Court decided one point in the longstanding dispute between Apple and Samsung1, and sent the case back to the lower court for further ...
EE Times
Does Flux Volume Impact Solderability?
What is the impact of flux volume on solderability? What impact does flux volume have on post assembly processing such as in-circuit test? The Assembly Brothers ...
Circuit Insight - Board Talk
Google Home's door is open to developers, but users have to wait outside a little longer
Google is announcing today that it's ready to let developers create "conversation actions," little bots that you'll be able to interact with using the Google Home ...
The Verge

With LinkedIn, Microsoft Looks to Avoid Past Acquisition Busts
Microsoft announced on Thursday that it had completed its $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. There are ample reasons to be ...
The New York Times
Pros and Cons of Cleaning No-clean
With today's newer chemistries, what are the pros and cons of cleaning circuit boards assembled using a no-clean process?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
Why You Should View Every Mistake and Idea as an Opportunity
Chicago-based Infiniscene is a web-based broadcast studio that helps users livestream their own shows. In this video, co-founder and CEO Stu Grubbs discusses his ...
EBN@C-Level: Risk & Resiliency Top New Year's Resolution List
In the coming year, many electronics OEMs will face challenges that have the potential to bring their businesses to a standstill. Risk management and resiliency ...
Are Your BGA Operators Competent?
Can every operator handle your BGA rework equally well? In all but just a few situations, the answer is no. Why is this so?
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Foxconn confirms 'preliminary' talks for US expansion
Apple supplier Foxconn said it's in preliminary talks to expand in the US, following January calls from President-elect Donald Trump for Apple to bring its ...

International Dragnet Cracks Down on Darknet Trade
A recent multinational crackdown on illegal activity in the anonymous channels of the so-called Darknet recently resulted in multiple arrests around the world. ...
Why Every Descent Is Followed By An Ascent
Every day, millions of people around the world endure hardships and difficulty. During challenging times, we often feel tremendous pain, whether spiritual, ...
Samsung still struggling with the recovery of Note7 phones from users
Samsung's recall of Galaxy Note7 smartphones because of exploding batteries is far from complete with some users, for example, in Canada still not turning in their ...
Foxconn involved in several lawsuits against employees
Foxconn Electronics has recently experienced several lawsuits involving its executives and employees. Foxconn recently accused a senior vice president at its plants ...
Meet the World's First Completely Soft Robot
The "octobot" is a squishy little robot that fits in the palm of your hand and looks like something in a goody bag from a child's birthday party. But despite its ...
MIT Technology Review
Bluetooth 5 is out: Now will home IoT take off?
Bluetooth is aiming straight for the internet of things as the fifth version of the wireless protocol arrives with twice as much speed for low-power applications. ...
Gartner Says Many Organizations Falsely Equate IT Security Spending With Maturity
Organizations spend an average of 5.6 percent of the overall IT budget on IT security and risk management, according to the most recent IT Key Metrics Data from ...
Press Releases
Alpha Launches China WeChat Account
Mark Brawley Appointed President of Speedprint
Indium to Feature Low-Voiding Indium8.9HF Solder Paste at IPC APEX
High-Efficiency Beam Sources for Electronics Production
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Burned Chip Repair
I have a circuit board with a burned chip. The manufacturer wants to charge an arm and a leg for a new board. Can this type or repair be done reliably? Where can I turn ...
Responses by:
Georgian Simion, Engineering and Operations Management, Independent Consultant
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics
Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Kris Roberson, Manager of Assembly Technology, IPC
Terry Munson, President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc

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