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December 13, 2018
Samsung to Shut Mobile Phone Plant in China's Tianjin
Samsung Electronics will cease operations at one of its mobile phone manufacturing plants in China, the company said, as its sales in the world's biggest smartphone market slumps amid rising competition from lower-cost local rivals. The South Korean company has seen its share of the Chinese market shrink to 1& in the first quarter of this year, losing out to home-grown brands like Huawei ...
The Growing Promise Of Printed Electronics
Printing electronics using conductive ink rather than lithography is starting to move out of the research phase, with chipmakers now looking at how to commercialize ...
Semiconductor Engineering
Enhancing the Quality of Your Selective Soldering Process
Learn what causes TH solder defects and how to correct them. This Process Troubleshooting Guide will enhance the quality of your selective soldering process...
Technical Paper
Searching for the Perfect Artificial Synapse for AI
What's the best type of device from which to build a neural network? Of course, it should be fast, small, consume little power, have the ability to reliably store ...
IEEE Spectrum
Solving Problems Before They Occur in PCB Design to Manufacture
Using Vias to Improve PCB Density
Improving Quality with Automatic Solder Nozzle Tinning
Enabling IPX Level 7/8 PCB Waterproof Protection
Important Ways of Approaching Heat Management
PCB Prototyping for Smarties
Why Jobs Go On Hold
Case Studies Demonstrate Value-Added Services to Enable Client Success
Why artificial intelligence is likely to take more lives
Artificial neurons for deeply intelligent machines -- this is the new artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, led by Geoffrey Hinton and his team since 2012. That year ...
U.S. vs. Huawei: 'There Will Be A War'
While in China last month, I heard both local and Western tech-industry executives speculating that "there will be a war" if the rising tension of the U.S.-China trade ...
EE Times
Scientists Outfit Bees With Wireless Sensors to Create a 'Living IoT Platform'
Drones are growing in popularity for their ability to serve as a kind of eye in the sky. However, they can generally only last up to 30 minutes on a charge because ...
IEEE Spectrum
U.S. tribunal to review ruling on Qualcomm request for iPhone ban
The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) said it would review a ruling that a ban on imports of some iPhones into the United States was not in the public interest ...
Purchasing Execs Predict Revenue, Capex & Employment Growth in 2019
U.S. purchasing and supply executives are entering 2019 with a bit less enthusiasm than 2018, although optimism remains strong for the next calendar year. 64% of U.S. ...
EPS News
21st Century Textiles Make Life Better
As we continue into Golden Age of the Fifth Techno-Economic Revolution, digital technology is poised to transform textiles in ways that were unimaginable.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Apple Suppliers Are Considering Moving iPhone Output if Tariffs Hit 25%
Apple Inc.'s suppliers will keep making iPhones in China if the U.S. imposes tariffs on the devices -- unless those levies skyrocket. Suppliers figure they can keep ...
Google Glass Wasn't a Failure. It Raised Crucial Concerns
Six years later, it's still fun to make fun of Google Glass. A reference to Google Glass is shorthand for hubris, foolishness, a tech company completely missing ...
Early Design Review of Boundary Scan To Enhancing Testability
Paper reviews what portions of a design can be covered structurally and what are covered functionally, to provide the best diagnostics to discover faults?
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
Huawei's CFO is out on bail, but the crisis sparked by her arrest is snowballing
Top Chinese tech executive Meng Wanzhou has been released on bail, but the international crisis triggered by her arrest is snowballing. President Donald Trump added ...
What to expect from the budding quantum industries
For many, quantum technologies are synonymous with quantum computing. But quantum technologies are much more than this, and many are much closer to becoming ...
The Engineer
7 Proven Strategies for Overcoming Distractions
We've all been there. Even with the best of intentions to stay on task, we still catch ourselves scrolling through social media when we should be working on a project ...
Is Tech Too Easy to Use?
Seven years ago, a younger and more carefree Mark Zuckerberg went onstage at Facebook's annual developer conference and announced a major change to the social ...
The New York Times
Order Processing Automation Brings Good Cheer to Electronics Market
We are now deep in the most wonderful time of the year, with growing numbers of consumers having visions of new electronics dancing in their heads. However, for ...
Transistors Keep Moore's Law Alive
An Intel fellow explores the outlook for Moore's Law in this first in a series of articles, focusing here on changes in logic processes that led us to the present. Intel ...
EE Times
Feb 11, 2019: Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium
Feb 15, 2019: Space Coast (Melbourne FL) Chapter: 2019 Winter Golf Classic
Feb 19, 2019: SMTA Webinar: BGA Reballing- Theory and Hands On
Feb 21, 2019: Rocky Mountain Expo & Tech Forum
Mar 19, 2019: Dallas Expo & Tech Forum
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Production Floor Temperature and Humidity Loggers
Early this month we had a customer audit. One of the findings regards the environment measurements in our assembly area. They noted that we only have one temperature/humidity logger and it was considered ...
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Gary Freedman, President, Colab Engineering
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Jerry Karp, President, JSK Associates
Paul Austen, Senior Project Engineer, Electronic Controls Design Inc
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Terry Munson, President/Senior Technical Consultant, Foresite
Mark Waterman, Engineer / Trainer, Electronic Controls Design, Inc. (ECD)
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Alpha Introduces Ultra-Low Voiding Solder Paste for Vacuum Solder Reflow
Alpha Assembly Solutions has recently introduced ALPHA® OM-355, designed specifically for vacuum soldering applications. "In-line vacuum soldering capabilities ...
Alpha Assembly Solutions
Rehm Seminar 'SMT Technology and Smart Factory Solutions' in Suwon, Korea
Topics such as Industry 4.0, China Smart Manufacturing 2025, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are currently heavily influencing the evolution of traditional ...
Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
AIM Appoints Thomas Lai as Regional Sales Manager for South China
Spectrum Instrumentation Digitizers & AWG used for Atmospheric research
The Smart Factory is Becoming a Reality as IPC APEX Hosts Produtction Lines
Meet Lewis Aide who joined Dynamic EMS as Modern Apprentice in Sept. 2016
Fred Dimock, BTU International, to Present at SMTA Capital Chapter Meeting
Nano Dimension announces DragonFly Pro sale in South Korea
SHENMAO America Partners with Southwest Systems Technology, Inc.
Murray Percival opens Demonstration Room; linking manufacturers, partners
Electrolube's Live Demo 'Wows' The Crowds At Electronica
Greenliant Industrial SSDs Reach Ultra-High Endurance of 250,000 P/E Cycles
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