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Nov 21, 2017
Advanced Electronics Needs Met in China
More than 85% of the key electronic parts in Chinese defense and high-tech equipment are now domestically made, meaning the country has the ability to be self-sufficient in advanced electronic components, officials said. Over the past decade, the technological gap between China and traditional electronic powerhouses like the United States has shortened from 15 years to five years, said Diao Shijing ...
China Daily
Volvo Cars to supply Uber with up to 24,000 self-driving cars
Uber plans to buy up to 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo, marking the transition of the U.S. firm from an app used to summon a taxi to the owner and operator ...
Yale professors race Google and IBM to the first quantum computer
Three giants of the tech world -- Google, IBM and Intel -- are using a method pioneered by Yale University professor Robert Schoelkopf to build the world's first ...
The Seattle Times
Worldwide tablet shipments to reach 128 million units in 2018
Seeing all-screen smartphones continue eroding tablet demand, tablet vendors, to differentiate the two product lines, are turning aggressively to promote 10-inch ...
Research Reveals Key Challenges in Turning Design Ideas into Winning Products
New research suggests that it's much easier for hardware designers to find the right tools and technologies to bring their ideas to life, but all the more difficult ...
A lifetime designing PCBs: Merging design and fabrication
My role in the PCB industry continued to evolve. In the previous article, I wrote about my venture into the software side at Redac. However, in late 1984, I resigned ...
SMT Adhesive Inspection
Industry expert Bob Willis uses the NPL Defect Database to explain SMT adhesive inspection.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Samsung to Overtake Intel as Top Chipmaker
On the heels of strong earnings in the third quarter of 2017, Samsung is forecast to overtake Intel as the top semiconductor manufacturer in 2017. This will be ...
EPS News
Where 5G development begins: National Instruments 5G lab
5G wireless will allow us to overcome the challenges that come with a more connected world. Gain insight from industry influencers on how the standards being defined ...
Problems to Look for with Crimp Terminations
Bob Willis troubleshoots the challenges of using crimp terminations using the National Physical Laboratory's Process Defect Database.
Circuit Insight - Production Floor
7 Must-Do Morning Routine Hacks
As an entrepreneur, there are many great demands on you. The market is always evolving, the competition is always growing, there's price erosion and, of course ...
Is Your AI Right For You?
If the recent, very public war of words between two of the world's most prominent technology CEOs, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, has taught us anything it's that ...
What Causes Component Rotation During Reflow?
We are using a large 2 pin SMT inductor. During reflow soldering it rotates almost 30 degree. Why is this component rotating during reflow?
Circuit Insight - Ask the Experts
High-Speed Connectors Increase Speeds, Keep Their Cool, & Contain EMI
A trio of articles explain how QSFP-DD and MicroQSFP connectors high-speed connectors handle excess heat and what engineers must do the minimize EMI. Datacenters ...
EE Times
Smart speakers to come with more functions in 2018
Competition in the global smart speaker market is expected to become keen in 2018 as vendors are trying to add more accessories or functions such as 3D lenses ...
Not all banks are ready to trust Face ID on the iPhone X
The iPhone X brings over a brand new type of iPhone feature, one that changes the way you interact with the device, facial recognition. But Apple's not doing facial ...
Robocar's Honking Problem
Not everyone believes that a robo-shuttle/truck crash in Las Vegas was just a minor glitch. Did those involved in the operation and design of the AV shuttle carry ...
EE Times
The Race to Power AI's Silicon Brains
Nigel Toon, the cofounder and CEO of Graphcore, a semiconductor startup based in the U.K., recalls that only a couple of years ago many venture capitalists viewed ...
MIT Technology Review
IBM and MIT are working together to make sure A.I. isn't our downfall
In September 2017, IBM announced a ten-year partnership with MIT, based around a $10 million investment into artificial intelligence research. Scientists, professors ...
Digital Trends
Press Releases
AIM's Mehran Maalekian to Present at LED Assembly, Reliability & Testing
Indium Features InFORMS® Reinforced Solder Ribbon at NEPCON Japan
Count On Tools Inc. Receives 2017 Industry of the Year Award
Alfamation launches functional tester for automotive wireless chargers
Bowman Hosts International XRF Event
Cogiscan and MIRTEC announce partnership for Industry 4.0
Libra Industries' Robert Brandt Elevated to IEEE Senior Member
Extraction and Filtration System for easily inflammable Dust/Air Mixtures
Digitizers allow fast and easy signal processing with new SCAPP Option
Mycronic & Aegis renew partnership, FactoryLogix to be embedded with MY700
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Cleanliness Standards for Electronic Components
I work as a supplier engineer in our automotive division and we are very concerned about cleanliness for electronic components. We have a very stringent humidity and temp test ...
Responses by:
Doug Pauls, Principal Materials and Process Engineer, Rockwell Collins
Karthik Vijay, Technical Manager - Europe, Indium Corp.
Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect
Kishan Sarjoo, Process Engineering Manager - Electronics, Altech UEC, South Africa
Richard D. Stadem, Advanced Engineer/Scientist, General Dynamics

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Dec 6, 2017: SMTA Webtorial: X-Ray Inspection of PCBs
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