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Dec 14, 2017
6 Best Practices to Secure Supply Chain Data
Did you know that roughly 80% of cyber attacks originate from an organization's supply chain? It gets worse from there as most of these cyber attacks involve compromised credentials or malicious insider attacks. High-tech manufacturers, like every organization, need to push security higher up on their to-do list. Some of the most high profile cyber attacks that were the result of poor supply chain ...
Google launching artificial intelligence research center in China
Alphabet Inc's Google said it is opening an artificial intelligence (AI) research center in China to target the country's local talent, even as the U.S. search ...
Chip Boom Masks Weakness in Korea's Booming Economy
The semiconductor industry's role as a driver of South Korea's economic expansion this year comes with caveats: the booming sector is creating few jobs while masking ...
The Ethics of AI for Suicide Prevention
Facebook is using artificial intelligence to signal deviations from normal posting behavior to provide warning of possible suicidal tendencies. Is that okay? ...
EE Times
Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Shows OEMs Critically Unprepared, But Why?
New data reveals that manufacturers are critically unprepared for strategic sourcing and procurement, according to AI advisor for strategic sourcing, LevaData. The company ...
Toyota, Panasonic consider joint development of EV batteries
Toyota Motor Corp is considering making batteries for electric vehicles (EV) with Panasonic Corp, as it ramps up battery development to help meet its goal for green ...
Printable Materials for Electronic Packaging
This paper reports on novel printable materials that have the potential to surpass conventional materials.
Circuit Insight - Materials Tech
How You Handle Mistakes Can Actually Help Build Brand Loyalty
Join C-Suite host Jason Forrest as he interviews Cheyenne Construction CEO Bob McCarthy, who has been quoted as saying, "Every company makes mistakes; it's how you ...
The Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017
Let's face it: Technology this year was one big "fail" after another. And the biggest loser from all of this was you. It's easy to count the ways that tech did you ...
The New York Times
Wireless Infrared Networks
Researchers have developed a wireless network based on harmless infrared rays. The capacity is more than 40 Gbit/s per ray and every device gets its own ray.
Circuit Insight - Technology Briefing
Apple grants $390 million to Finisar to boost laser chip production
Apple Inc said it had awarded $390 million to optical components maker Finisar Corp to boost production of laser chips that power iPhone X's features such as Face ID ...
IDC's 10 Supply Chain Predictions for 2018
The supply chain is undergoing major changes as the manufacturing sector ramps up its effort to adopt new capabilities and technologies around advanced analytics, ...
EPS News
Effectiveness of Conformal Coat to Prevent Corrosion of Terminals
In this study many coatings were examined for their effectiveness at preventing corrosion of nickel-palladium-gold-finished terminals.
Circuit Insight - Analysis Lab
Building the future of the smartphone, one mod at a time
Modern mobile devices are, in most cases, pretty boring. They're slabs of plastic, metal, or glass, with decent cameras and a fast internet connection. That's all to the ...
IoT Markets to Watch in 2018
Predictive maintenance and asset tracking are two big IoT markets to watch in 2018 because they will provide real efficiencies and improved safety. The real IoT ...
EE Times
Artificial Intelligence Is Killing The Uncanny Valley And Our Grasp On Reality
There's a revolution afoot, and you will know it by the stripes. Earlier this year, a group of Berkeley researchers released a pair of videos. In one, a horse ...
Is Big Data for IC Design Too Big to Manage?
Big data? Everyone's doing it. It shows up now in biotech, finance, agriculture, education and transportation. Industries are letting it reshape the very nature ...
EE Times
Gartner Says By 2020, Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than It Eliminates
2020 will be a pivotal year in AI-related employment dynamics, according to Gartner, Inc., as artificial intelligence (AI) will become a positive job motivator. ...
Toshiba, WD Settle Dispute, Extend JV
Toshiba and Western Digital announced a deal to settle all ongoing litigation and arbitration, extending their existing partnership and NAND flash development and manufacturing ...
EE Times
Press Releases
ZEISS introduces machine learning capability for microscopy
NEO Tech Wins Industry Award for Solutions that Accelerate Time-to-Market
Rudolph Bros. the Surface Analyst+
Catena selects Thalia-DA to facilitate analog IP re-use
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Concerns With Silver Finish Component Leads
A few of the components we are using are have leads with silver finish. Will silver cause solder embrittlement like gold? Is removal of silver needed or can it be ...
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Leo Lambert, Vice President, Technical Director, EPTAC Corporation
Gerard O'Brien, President, S T and S Testing and Analysis
Tony Lentz, Field Applications, FCT Assembly
Mark McMeen, VP Engineering Services, STI Electronics Inc.
Ray Prasad, President, Ray Prasad Consultancy Group
Edithel Marietti, Senior Manufacturing Engineer, iDirect
Eric Bastow, Senior Technical Support Engineer, Indium Corporation
Paul Dickerson, Supply Chain Engineer, Matric Group
Mitch Holtzer, Global Director of Customer Technical Support, Alpha Assembly Solutions
Richard Boyle, Global Product Champion, Henkel Electronics
Fritz Byle, Process Engineer, Astronautics

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